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    The Sixteenth Colossus

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    Wander's final foe in Shadow of the Colossus.

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    The Sixteenth Colossus is the sixteenth and final enemy fought by Wander in Shadow of the Colossus. Like the game's other Colossi, it is a large golem that appears to be at least partially constructed from stone. This towering, immobile enemy is by far the tallest in the game and bears the most distinctly-human shape of all sixteen Colossi. Its location on a broad mesa at the southern tip of the Forbidden Land can only be reached after the player has defeated the game's previous fifteen Colossi. This allows Wander to open the large gate leading into the ruins that surround the mesa.

    The path beyond the gate to the Sixteenth Colossus acts as the game's point of no return. Wander must ride Agro to cross a partially-collapsed stone bridge, triggering a cutscene in which the remainder of the structure gives way; this prompts Agro to buck and throw Wander to safety on the far side of the bridge. Wander can only watch as his faithful mount tumbles into the steep river gorge below, forcing him to continue on alone.

    After scaling a steep wall, Wander is met atop the mesa by the Sixteenth Colossus, which immediately commences its attack by firing powerful energy bolts capable of killing players with only a few strikes. Because this enemy is immobile, Wander's first task is to close the distance by carefully moving between various ruins and chunks of stone that act as cover against the Colossus' ranged attacks. This path eventually leads straight between the Colossus' feet, which appear to be fastened securely to the stone platform below. Once Wander reaches the Colossus' body, it will cease its ranged attacks, allowing players to begin scaling the multi-tiered metal "skirt" covering the Colossus' legs.

    Striking a minor weak spot on the Colossus' lower back causes its left hand to scratch at the irritation, which Wander can leap onto before the humanoid giant lifts its left arm back up. From here, players can cross its forearm to strike another weak spot on the Colossus' left bicep, which triggers its right hand to grasp at the new wound. After climbing onto the back of its right hand, Wander can use his new vantage point to fire an arrow into the Colossus' unarmored left shoulder, causing its right hand to clutch its shoulder and finally granting access to the primary weak spot on the creature's head.

    Unlike the other Colossi, much of this creature's lower body resembles a smoldering, charred mass that cannot be climbed. This is also the only Colossus in the game to feature glowing bands on its arms which act as damaging barriers. If Wander comes into contact with one of these energy bands, he will be knocked back and lose a portion of health.


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