Torpedo Range

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released 1991

    A sidescrolling shooter for the Game Boy. The player is given control of a submarine and can travel across the globe blowing things up.

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    Torpedo Range is a shooter developed by SETA Corporation and published by SETA Corporation (Japanese release) and Romstar (US release) for the Game Boy platform.


    In Torpedo Range the player is tasked with freeing six countries ports that have been taken over by terrorists. To free the ports in each country the player must first explore the waters around the port, taking out enemy ships and earning shield upgrades and more torpedoes.

    There are four different types of ship encounters and the main port takeover encounter to complete in each stage.


    Firing missiles at a jet.
    Firing missiles at a jet.

    One of the ship encounters that will be engaged in is the enemy carriers. The carrier is in the background while the player takes control of a submarine under the water. Jets will then fly overhead with the player trying to shoot missiles straight up from the water and hit them. Once all the jets have been taken care of a ship will come by and drop bombs at the player.


    In the cruiser encounters players are given control of the surfaced submarine from an almost third person "over-the-shoulder" view. Enemy cruisers will go by back and forth in the background at varying distances while the player is tasked with shooting missiles at them while dodging their incoming attacks.


    When the enemy submarines are approached the view is similar to that of the carrier encounters. Players take control of the submersed submarine on a single screen and tries to attack and destroy the enemy submarines which are moving through the water.


    Fighting a battleship.
    Fighting a battleship.

    In the battleship stages players are once again taking control of the surfaced submarine. This time the view is much like the view in the carrier encounters, but this time is from the side of the sub rather than the front. Players can move left to right shooting at the battleships guns as they try and shoot back. There is also a ship which will drop explosives onto the water, setting it on fire for a short time.


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