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The Voodoo is a two-door car, that appears in Vice City, San Andreas, Vice City Stories and Grand Theft Auto IV. The Voodoo is something of a lowrider car, and it shares a similar design during all of the games it appears in.  

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

In Vice City Stories, the statistics of the Voodoo are brought more in-line with those of the Grand Theft Auto IV era car, which makes sense seeing as this was the most recent game in the series before IV was released. The Voodoo depicted in this game is used occasionally as a gang car, and is also driven by civilians. It has difficulty climbing hills, like in IV, and it also it has poor acceleration.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

The Voodoo that appears in Vice City is extremely heavily based on the 1960 Chevrolet Impala. This is evidenced by the fact that the car has incredibly prolific tailfins, and a panoramic windscreen, as well as a derivative design of the Impala. Unlike the Impala, the Voodoo has twin-headlights, as opposed to the triple-headlight design of the Impala itself. During the game, the only colour available f or the Voodoo is red. However, during the mission "Two Bit Hit", a unique black Voodoo will appear, and will never appear again.
Black Voodoo from Vice City's
Black Voodoo from Vice City's "Two Bit Hit"
As opposed to the horn present in all of the other cars in Vice City, the Voodoo is equipped with hydraulics, which can bounce up and down. In Vice City, the Voodoo is used as a gang car by the Haitian gang, and there will always be one spawning outside Auntie Poulet's shack. Despite the fact that the Voodoo is quite a long vehicle, it is speedy, with relatively tight handling. Due to the low centre of gravity the Voodoo is notoriously hard to flip, unless the hydraulics are jacked up at the time.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

White  Voodoo from San Andreas
White Voodoo from San Andreas
The Voodoo appears in San Andreas, as both a civilian car, and a gang car. During the game, the Ballas occasionally adopt the Voodoo as a gang car - this will only happen during missions though, and they will never drive such a car outside of a fixed mission. The Grove Street Families have the Voodoo as one of their gang cars, though it's arguably the hardest of the GSF cars to find. The Voodoo is one of the fastest lowriders in San Andreas, and has relatively high speed coupled with good acceleration.  

Grand Theft Auto IV

Stevie's  special Voodoo
Stevie's special Voodoo
During GTA IV, the Voodoo has received a massive hit to its stats. No longer is the Voodoo a relatively high speed vehicle. It is now an aging crock, with poor performance and low torque, as evidenced by its difficulty to climb steep inclines. The Voodoo is one of the slowest vehicles to accelerate to its top speed in the entire game, but it still has one appeal: its weight makes it resilient to damage that other cars could not stand. The Voodoo is used by members of Little Jacob's posse, and has black and green paint coupled with gold trim. Jacob's gangs cars are unique, but have the same disappointing performance as the stock car. Elizabeta Torres owns a Voodoo, that has a unique pink-and-white design present on it. This car is used during one of her missions, and the Voodoo is also needed for one of Stevie's Car Thefts. The Voodoo required for Stevie has an all-emerald paint-job. The emerald paint is also unique.


  • In all the games that the Voodoo has been present, it is a gang car.
  • The Voodoo appears in Manhunt 2, like the Stallion did in the original Manhunt.
  • In order to explain the changes in performance, it would have to be explained that there were two models of Voodoo made, with the poorer performance model being present in Vice City Stories, before being replaced by a higher performance model, which is not present in IV.

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