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    Vossler Azelas is a former Dalmascan Knight and a close colleague of Basch. After the battle of Nalbina he went underground and joined the resistance protecting Lady Ashe.

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    Vossler Azelas appears in Final Fantasy XII as a supporting character that at times joins your party to aid in your quest to save Ivalice from the wrong hands. A former Dalmascan Knight that served King Raminas before the attack on Nalbina was a loyal and strong warrior that once fought alongside Basch.

    After the attack on the Nalbina Fortress during the treaty signing, Vossler's loyalties were questioned as he found his close friend Basch in front of the late King. This was a set-up attack by a force that goes higher up in power, Vossler was tricked into assuming that Basch had murdered the King. He managed to escape and go underground after that incident and joined the Resistance.

    They realized that the system was corrupt and the truth in which they believed in was not what it seemed. He swore to protect Lady Ashe in the resistance and keep her safe from any threat as well as restore the Kingdom of Dalmasca.

    Vossler eventually meets up with Lady Ashe after she left the Resistance's stronghold to put an end to the empire along with Vaan and the others. He starts to trust and gain the trust of Basch again from what happened in the past. He proves to be loyal to them and their goal by disguising himself as a Judge to rescue them when they are captured on the Levianthan.

    Vossler met his end on the Levianthan when he turned in Vaan and the others after obtaining the Dawn Shard. Judge Magister Ghis wanted to measure the powers of the Dawn Shard to see if it was the genuine article and it proved to be too much for the Leviathan to handle. Vaan, Ashe, Balthier, Penelo, Fran and Basch were faced to a final encounter with Vossler where he was defeated and left on the Leviathan as the others escaped on an airship to safety and retrieved the Dawn Shard. His last words to Basch was that it was now up to him to protect the Princess.


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