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    Dionysus is the son of Zeus and the Greek God of fertility, wine, and ecstasy.

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    Birth and Infancy

    Son of Zeus by the mortal Semele, Dionysus is credited with the invention of wine and celebrated as it's patron god. Though his mother perished while still carrying him in her womb, Zeus received the unborn Dionysus into his thigh, where he was allowed to mature. After a number of months the fully grown Dionysus emerged from Zeus's thigh on Mt. Pramnos. Hereafter he received the moniker of "twice-born", or "double-birthed".

    He was placed into the care of Hermes, who bade Athamas and Ino to raise the young god. Some accounts tell of how Hera, privy to her husband's infidelity, ordered the Titans to rip the young Dionysus to shreds. However his pieces were reassembled and restored by Rhea, and were given to the rain-nymphs of Mt. Nysa to raise in secrecy.


    During his time on Earth he was said to have roamed the land accompanied by a group of satyrs and frenzied woman, or "Maenads". Stories tell of how he drove the three daughters of Minyas (Arsippe, Alcithoe, and Leucippe) insane when they refused to participate in one of his drunken orgies.

    Dionysus, as he appears in SMT:If...
    Dionysus, as he appears in SMT:If...

    It was Dionysus who bestowed upon the legendary King Midas his golden touch, as a show of gratitude when he had been hospitable to his old tutor, Silenus. When Ariadne had been abandoned by Theseus, Dionysus decided to make her his bride. Upon his death he took her crown and hurled it into the sky, where it became the constellation Corona.

    When he arrived on Mt. Olympus a quarrel arose among the Twelve Olympians. Stories tell of how Hestia, goddess of the hearth, gave up her seat to put an end to the heavenly discord.

    He is usually depicted as a comely, bearded young man, wearing wreaths of leaves in his hair. His chariot is drawn by panthers and leopards.

    Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey

    Dionysus appears in Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey as both a demon of the Zealot clan and a quest-giver. The player can find him on the first floor of Bootes past an Unlock B door. He will ask the protagonist to retrieve the poisonous feather of a Zhen, so that he may use it as an ingredient for his wine. He goes on to explain that the poison would change into sweet nectar when passed through the lips of a god.

    The feather can only be obtained via negotiation with a Zhen, found on the 3rd and 4th floors of sector Delphinus. The protagonist is rewarded an Amrita Soda for his trouble.


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