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Chaotic Neutral

"Me? I'm dishonest. And a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly. It's the honest ones you need to worry about. Because you can never predict when they're going to do something incredibly...stupid"

-Jack Sparrow

The wild cards. Chaotic Neutral characters are those who do whatever they please, are led by whims, and are oftentimes incredibly mercurial. They do whatever they want, whenever they want, but are sufficiently restrained that they are not nihilists or straight-up evil. Chaotic Neutral characters may do good one moment, and then perform a roguish deed (such as stealing) the next. They may help the heroes purely on a whim, only to later aid the villains to further their own agenda, and then go back to helping the heroes again. Simply put, Chaotic Neutral characters usually can’t be counted on to be consistent. They follow their own rules and only their own, having no use for the laws and regulations of authority.

Besides the above though, there are also other Chaotic Neutral characters who are not mercurial people that do random things on a whim, but still operate outside of authority and are also too morally gray to be definitively good or evil. Examples of this would include a brutal outlaw vigilante who goes a bit too far fighting evil/crime, or a well-meaning anarchist that goes too far when fighting a corrupt authority.

List items

  • Source of the page quote and one of the very best examples of this alignment ever, being a lovable rogue whose led completely by whims and more often than not self-interest.

  • Arguably even moreso than good ol' Jack Sparrow this dude is the personification of this alignment, being a completely irreverent and mercurial goofball who constantly bounces back and forth between being good, bad, and everything in-between and regularly does whatever comes to mind, including shooting himself in the head (don't worry, he can't die from that).

  • Usually defaults to this, as Godzilla is often portrayed as a morally ambiguous and destructive anti-hero who despite his misanthropy and capacity for destruction usually ends up saving the world from even worse threats like Ghidorah, Gigan, and Destoroyah.

  • Long ago established that she could be an anti-hero or a charismatic and honorable anti-villain depending on her mood and the crisis at hand. Her mercurial nature is also acknowledged in-universe from time to time, and in her own words her life is all shades of gray. Having said that, in her more clearly heroic depictions she begins to transition to Chaotic Good. Usually though she fits this to a T.

  • As Marvel's answer to Catwoman, this isn't at all surprising. And in fact she fits this alignment more consistently than Catwoman herself does.

  • In his younger, pre-Agent Venom years.

  • Prior to becoming the Scarlet Spider Kaine was more this alignment on the account of being a very ethically sketchy Anti-Hero who killed villains and criminals and regularly antagonized Spider-Man and Ben Reilly.

  • I'd assume so given that she's an opposite-gender knock-off of one of the best examples of Chaotic Neutral around.

  • While most would say the Hulk is a good guy, there are many times in the character's history when he has done less than admirable things, and it is this mercurial and unpredictable nature that makes the jade green giant more this a lot of the time, though some writers do of course have him lean more heavily towards the good end of the spectrum.

  • And now one of those brutal outlaw vigilantes I mentioned above. The Punisher is a brutal and merciless killing machine and executioner of criminals. He operates outside the law and is in fact highly contemptuous of it, and though he makes a point of not fighting the cops he won't let them stop him either. Or the heroes for that matter. Punisher is ultimately a man hell-bent on eradicating crime in the most brutal way possible, and it is this moral ambiguity that makes him Chaotic Neutral rather than Chaotic Good.

  • And another one of those brutal outlaw vigilantes, this time from DC. With Jason Todd now being DC's equivalent to the Punisher this should perhaps not come as any kind of surprise, and indeed the character regularly jumps back and forth between acts of genuine heroism to more morally gray acts of sadism and brutality.

  • Well-meaning enough most of the time and crusading against evil much the same way Batman does, but also being pretty darn unhinged a lot of the time, and sometimes employing a level of brutality that the rest of the Batman Family disapproves of.

  • Normally Chaotic Good, but in the earlier episodes of the CW show "Arrow", he's more this by virtue of being a murderous vigilante and pretty much the Punisher in green.

  • While Constantine does genuinely try to do good and I think WANTS to be Chaotic Good, circumstances often force him to take on a more morally ambiguous and ethically sketchy role, thus putting him more in Chaotic Neutral territory.

  • A staggering number of people insist that Rorscach is Lawful. Why that is I will never, ever understand. This is a guy who straight-up kills police officers just for getting in his way, refused to follow the law when it told him to stop being a superhero, and just generally makes it clear that he has no use for laws or regulations in general. Between that and making the Punisher and Jason Todd look good, he's definitely Chaotic Neutral. How people can say he's Lawful is beyond me.

  • Yet another brutal vigilante, this one being pretty much required to operate outside of society due to his otherworldly nature and also the fact that most of his enemies too are not from this world. And while Spawn is well-meaning and trying to be a better man than he was before, that doesn't mean he's now an easy character to get along with.

  • Initially before snapping completely and turning into a full-blown Chaotic Evil/Neutral Evil villain.

  • While many would argue Scorpion's leaning more towards the evil end of the spectrum, Scorpion does frequently aid the good guys, and really is flexible enough to work with either good or evil depending on what suits his needs at the time. His brutality and moral ambiguity also keep him from ever becoming too good and the MK alignment system classifies him as neutral, so...

  • Personally I'd argue more in favor of his being Chaotic Evil given his obsession with causing chaos, but at the same time, he doesn't seem to want to cause evil along with it. Rather he just wants chaos in an unaligned form. And again, he's classified as neutral on the Mortal Kombat wiki, so I'll list him here anyway. I still think he may be more Chaotic Evil though...

  • Wanted by the CIA and prone to manipulating and using others for his own ends and/or amusement, but also never so malevolent that I'd say he's straight-up evil.

  • At their most ruthless and morally ambiguous.

  • Honestly I would argue that he's more this for most of his story given how much of a selfish pirate he is in addition to being a morally ambiguous assassin.

  • While most of the Assassins are Chaotic Good, Nikolai here is even more brutal than the standard, and as such is more neutral than good.

  • A fairly free-spirited individual who's also out to avenge his murdered crew, but his blind drive to get revenge causes him to flirt with the dark side quite often. He usually bounces back from it though, and that frequent shift from bad to not bad and back again makes him this in my mind.

  • I originally saw Ivy as Chaotic Good, but while her desire to get rid of Soul Edge and it's corrupting influence is understandable and admirable both, the fact that she is willing to kill anyone even remotely affected by Soul Edge no matter how innocent they are gives the character a certain amount of moral ambiguity, and I am now even considering listing her as Neutral Evil.

  • Like Maxi, a free-spirited and impetuous young man who's personal road to hell is paved with the very best intentions. But also like Maxi he usually bounces back from it with Seong Mi-Na and Talim's influence.

  • A wandering Samurai (or Ronin) who's always looking for a good fight, not particularly caring who the person is. He's not the nicest of folks and certainly not an easy person to get along with, but he is no more predisposed to do evil than he is to do good. As such I feel he's a pretty solid case of Chaotic Neutral, or alternatively True Neutral.

  • Easily the darkest, most brutal, most callous, and most ethically lacking of all the members of Noble Team, Emile is nevertheless not quite evil in my mind on the account of all of the following:

    1. He does care about his teammates, telling Carter that it's been an honor to serve him and while firing the MAC gun periodically shouts: "This is for Kat!" or "This is for Jorge!"

    2. All of his victims are Covenant aliens, and every SPARTAN in Halo kills those buggers in droves. Given that they're genocidal xenophobic invaders waging an unprovoked war/holocaust against humanity, I'd say they've got it coming. His only other victims outside of that are Insurrectionists, anti-government terrorists and mass murderers. So really, while Emile does love fighting and violence, none of his victims are all that unsympathetic or even undeserving of his wrath. And again, plenty of other SPARTANs (including Master Chief) have killed Covenant and Insurrectionist forces.

  • The "perfect" Krogan who always relishes a good fight, being interested in little else but also not being so bloodthirsty that he's Chaotic Evil. He does have some restraint, just not much. Not to mention that it's really the fight Grunt is after, not so much the death or killing. As such he prefers to only face strong, worthy opponents, not just crushing the weak for pointless sadistic pleasure.

  • Pre-Character Development, where he starts out as a fairly selfish and morally ambiguous mercenary who's sense of ethics, while not entirely absent, is still looser than most.

  • When first revived, Javik makes it clear that he will do whatever it takes to stop the Reapers. As it stands he's pretty darn ruthless and while never quite evil in full, he does come close to it at times, and also has no use for any kind of rules that would tie him down in his quest for vengeance against the Reapers. Fortunately under Paragon Shepard's influence he can mellow out a bit.

  • If played fairly Renegade with some Paragon moments, which translates to a Shepard who is either half good/half bad, or a Shepard who is largely ruthless and mean but has some moments where they choose to do the right thing.

  • When going through Character Development and becoming just a bit less homicidal and bloodthirsty. Still far from a nice person though.

  • A fairly impulsive and easygoing thief with a very playful and good-natured personality. Frankly I'm almost tempted to list her as Chaotic Good given how she's honestly one of the NICEST of all of Shepard's various squadmates. That said though she didn't want to rejoin Shepard in ME 3, which is a fairly neutral decision, so...

  • Not much of a Resident Evil person, so I can't judge most of the character's alignments. The one exception to that is Ada Wong due to how her relationship with Leon Kennedy is remarkably similar to Batman and Catwoman's relationship, or alternatively Spider-Man and Black Cat. Whichever you prefer. Either way though, she's a very mercurial person who shamelessly switches sides at the drop of a hat, and it's always very unclear what side (if any) she's really on.

  • Another Catwoman-esque character, though I'd actually liken her more to Black Cat on the account of the white hair, gloves, and boots and also a romantic relationship with a red hero. The Sonic, Hero, and Villains wikis have all also noticed this similarity.

  • I'll admit I'm not the biggest Sonic the Hedgehog guy, but from what little I know of Shadow he seems to be this. Sometimes hero sometimes villain after all.

  • A mercurial and unpredictable character who is sometimes a friend to Kirby, and sometimes a foe. Most would argue his being a knight with a code of honor makes him Lawful Neutral, but as I've stressed elsewhere, having a code of honor does not automatically make you Lawful. Thus, Meta-Knight is this instead.

  • "An Assassin who puts his own agenda first and everything else on the backburner". This description of him is supported by how he very much plays the angles, sometimes helping the heroes (Sora and Roxas) other times hindering them and also mercilessly killing some fellow Organization XIII members (Vexen and Zexion). In all, he fits this to a T.

  • I'm not much of a DBZ guy, but based on what little I know of this particular character I'd say listing him as this is a pretty safe bet.

  • As the Blue Spirit. Not to mention that he kind of jumps back and forth between good and bad in general...

  • At his absolute most obnoxious, which unfortunately is a common occurrence in the later seasons of the show.

  • Spongebob's best friend and though usually well-meaning and meant to be seen as good, has also done some legitimately bad things throughout the show's lengthy run. Though in his defense it's usually unintentional, but still. That and he is REALLY stupid, and as such often lacks the moral capacity to be good or evil.

  • Fits this alignment for many of the same reasons Patrick does, though I am going to freely admit that I like Homer way more as a character.

  • A classic teen rebel taken up to eleven and an unrepentant trouble-maker, prankster, delinquent, and sadist. But having said all of that, Bart does have his moments of goodness, such as when he and Homer saved all of Springfield from being nuked.

  • Pre-Character Development, where he's pretty much your typical spoiled young child, only with super-speed. But he comes into his own before the end.

  • A fairly irreverent and mercurial character who seems to be led purely by whims, at least in the first movie. In fairness to this one I never did see the second Cars movie (and have no plans to do so since it was Pixar's one flop), but in the first movie at least he came off as being this to me.

  • In Toy Story he sometimes has trouble respecting Woody and Buzz's authority and can also come off as fairly gruff, cynical, and even a bit acidic, but he's not a bad guy by any means. Thus I feel he's in-between this and Chaotic Good.

  • Sardonic and deadpan, and also something of Mr. Potatohead's partner-in-crime (literally in Andy's games). I'd probably say the two of them are the closest any of Andy's toys come to fitting the "lovable rogue" archetype.

  • Another unrepentant prankster, and also one of the classic ones. Pretty much led almost entirely by whims and having god-like power thanks to his Toon-Force, Bugs Bunny is a pretty good example of this I'd say.

  • Ironic that Daffy is the same alignment as his rival no? Regardless, Daffy does fit this alignment in my eyes, as he has been both protagonist and antagonist throughout the course of Loony Toon's existence.

  • One of two major 5th Dimension Pranksters, with Bat-Mite being an obsessive Batman fanboy who ironically has the bad habit of making his idol miserable whenever he shows up.

  • Pretty much the same character as Bat-Mite only pestering Superman instead of the Dark Knight.

  • Another one of the older examples of this alignment, being someone who delights in leaving riddles and keeping Alice guessing as to what he's really after.

  • The more morally ambiguous Young Justice version, in contrast to the Chaotic Evil Complete Monster she is in mainstream continuity. Given that she shares a name with another Chaotic Neutral character, it is kind of fitting...

  • While a thief who also outright admits to not believing in playing hero and making no secret about his selfishness, he also comes off as a sort of "lovable rogue" given that in his two appearances in the show he winds up helping Robin in the end, showing that for all of his villainy he has a clear code of honor and principles. This bouncing back and forth between hero and villain mixed with his operating outside authority also makes him text-book Chaotic Neutral.

  • In "Teen Titans Go!" given how in that show they spend at least as much time as irresponsible and insensitive jerks as they do as actual heroes.

  • In "Teen Titans Go" where he's been turned into a rather insensitive and irresponsible prankster who is largely led by selfish whims and at times is a downright jerk.In "Teen Titans Go" where he's been turned into a rather insensitive and irresponsible prankster who is largely led by selfish whims and at times is a downright jerk.

  • While Robin in "Teen Titans Go" does have some Lawful tendencies, I nevertheless still consider him to be this due to his, like the other Titans, bouncing back and forth between semi-responsible leader and irresponsible jerk.

  • Also in "Teen Titans Go"

  • Ditto.

  • The more heroic (but still crazy and ditzy) version of her seen in Injustice Gods Among Us.

  • At her most obnoxious, brutal, and unlikable, barring the version of her seen in Arrow, who's even worse.

  • Yet another troubled soul from the Marvel Universe who after being resurrected strived to become good but ultimately settled into a more morally gray "on again, off again" anti-hero.

  • Seems to be this, though I confess to not knowing much about the character.

  • Another female Marvel character who seems to be this, since unlike her wholly evil father and brother (Mephisto and Blackheart respectively) Satana is not consistently malevolent, sometimes helping the heroes for her own amusement. And ultimately she really does come off as the lesser of evils compared to her father and brother so I feel this is a better fit for her than straight-up Chaotic Evil.

  • In contrast to the more clearly villainous Carnage and Venom, Toxin is an interesting case of immature and self-absorbed symbiote fused with well-meaning police officer. The end result is a character who means well but is not without his dark side.

  • This one's a more controversial call I admit. Most would argue Atrocitus is Chaotic Evil but consider: he does value life quite a bit and in fact wages war against and kills those who he feels do not value life and are a threat to it. In this respect he could be seen as being akin to the Punisher, Jason Todd, Rorshcach, and other such vigilantes, only operating on a greater scale. But given that he does seem to want to fight evil, just in a more brutal way and also the fact that he sometimes helps the heroes, I'd say he's ultimately this. Really, if you don't think the Punisher is evil than you can't say that Atrocitus is evil because he's pretty much the same kind of character, only an alien in space.

  • A supervillain and attention-seeker who views his fights with Metro-Man as a game and despite playing the role of villain is frankly pretty benign in that respect (due also in part to his incompetence) and throughout the movie makes many decisions that are seen by his loyal servant Minion as impulsive, especially ones that are benevolent and show that he has a good side. Then there's the fact that he ultimately ends the film as a hero.

  • Seems to be a fairly selfish and hedonistic individual, but also one who has sometimes played the role of anti-hero, at least if her page on the Heroes Wiki is anything to go by. Admittedly I'm not much of a Megaman person, so this is one call that I'll admit may not be an accurate one. But I'm still sticking with it for now until when or if someone comes along to prove I'm wrong.

  • The Greek God of Wine and essentially the original party-animal. He was most concerned with having "fun" and while he was usually pretty good at doing that the Satyrs that were supposedly loyal to him tended to take things a little too far. Dionysus himself though was just looking for a fun time.

  • Another God whose pretty mellow all things considered, or at least he's usually depicted that way. But there's also the fact that he was known as "The Trickster of the Gods", which to me would suggest a mercurial/prankster personality, and as we've already seen, that does often denote Chaotic Neutral.

  • Poseidon was known for being mercurial; completely affable one moment, vindictive the next. This was also reflected in his realm, with of course the seas going back and forth between being calm and raging. Such a wishy-washy nature (no pun intended) along with having a sense of ethics just as loose and frivolous as his brother points pretty strongly in this direction I feel.

  • Many of them default to this due to their struggle to resist their wicked influence and also society in general shunning them forcing them into an often morally ambiguous role that is ever-trying to keep from sliding too far into evil. And also because of that aforementioned rejection by most of society, many Tieflings choose to forsake it and operate outside of it, living as wanderers and nomads and being pretty free-spirited.

  • Listed as being this in official D&D books, and in fairness they do kind of fit it. They're neutral in that they typically keep to themselves and don't really get involved in big conflicts between good and evil, but are also Chaotic in that they are not part of any organized society or government but instead more hunter-gatherers that operate outside of society.

  • A whimsical Bard who honestly seems more good than neutral to me, but whatever. Either way he is a free-spirit type character, so that would make him Chaotic if nothing else.

  • Yet ANOTHER morally ambiguous (and sexy) female thief/rogue. Main difference here is that this one's from a Fantasy setting.

  • Way too unpleasant and bereft of good intentions and goals to be good but not malevolent enough to be evil, I'd say neutral is a fair choice for the obnoxious gnome. The Chaotic part I'm less sure about, but then he does tend to have a profound difficulty appreciating anyone else's perspective or views courtesy of his narcissistic belief that he's the smartest person in the world.

  • A very eccentric (and funny) gnome with his head placed firmly in the clouds and very much a gnome led by whims.

  • If he seeks and gets revenge for his sister's murder, he is considered a failure by the Order of the Radiant Heart, does not get knighted, and then turns into a serious jerk who also mistreats Aerie. Honestly I would argue he starts to inch more into Chaotic Evil at that point, but I guess still not quite bad enough to qualify for that.

  • Well, he's listed as this alignment at any rate. Honestly he's one of the characters I don't know what to make of, so I think I'll just take Bioware's word for it and move on. Honestly it's probably just because he's a Tiefling, and they do tend towards Chaotic Neutral.

  • Another Tiefling from a D&D video game who fits this. Annah definitely comes off as being a bad girl, but maybe not so bad that she can be straight up evil. And besides that, the game itself considers her to be this, so...

  • In stark contrast to most other Modrons, who are Lawful Neutral. The reason for Nodrom's being an anomaly is because he became corrupted by the chaotic forces that surround the Modron's hive society.

  • Technically listed as Chaotic Good in the actual game, but honestly, Morte comes off as much too foul-mouthed, mean-spirited, and downright callous to be straight-up good. He even at one point urges you to kill a guy just for saying something that annoys him, and is also pretty lewd to boot. Yes, he does try to do the right thing and make amends for some of his past misdeeds, but so does John Constantine and he's Chaotic Neutral, so I feel Morte should still be this. If nothing else, in-between this and his listed alignment.

  • Can become this if you choose to be a good guy but don't expel her from you and instead keep her by your side. She's still not a girl scout by any means, but she nevertheless still helps you stop your malevolent father and also comes to love you. So not really bad either.