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    Jumping Flash!

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Oct 10, 1995

    Help return giant pieces of land stolen by Baron Aloha as Agent Robbit.

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    Jumping Flash was a game released early in the life of the original Playstation that has become something of a cult classic among fans. The player plays as a robotic rabbit who has to free various islands (in space nonetheless) seized by an evil alien. To do this Robbit needs to collect carrots and fight bosses. The game is played from the first person perspective and Robbit the rabbit shoots a gun, but it's really more akin to a platformer than a shooter. Robbit is equipped with a double jump and he will have to use it to jump to high platforms and escape enemies, so players with vertigo need not apply - or maybe just bring along some Dramamine.

    The game is available on the American PlayStation Network.


    Since the player is a robotic rabbit named Robbit it's not to surprising that one of Robbit's main skills is that he can jump. He can also double jump and even hang glide down to the ground. The game is also played entirely from the first rabbit point of view. In that view the player will notice that the game is on a timer if they don't beat the stage fast enough Robbit will lose one of his lives. Also Robbit has a normal beam shot but he can collect a larger arsenal to defeat his foes more easily. During the game his main mission is to collect 4 jet pods to make it to the next area and after the first two he will fight a boss. Then go to the next world to repeat that till Robbit achieves victory.

    Special Items

    • Cherry Bombs: They explode when they hit something or travel a certain distance.
    • Rockets: Use this to put those pests in the hot seat!
    • Roman Candles: Spray like his life depended on it while spinning in a 360 degree motion.
    • Twisters: Sizzle and spin and then blow up everything near him.


    • Carrot: It may not look like much but Robbit love's carrots. A single one will refill some of his hp but a bunch of carrots will refill it all.
    • Hourglass: When Robbit needs those last 30 seconds back a hourglass will make that dream come true.
    • Robbit "1ups": When he needs that extra life to make it to the end Robbit can't go wrong with this. After he finishes world 1 he better not expect to see these until the second stage of every world after that.
    • Time Outs: Freezes all enemies for a short amount of time. Better make some progress while he can!
    • Power Pills: Lay waste to all who dare come close. Like a power pellet in Pac Man this makes Robbit invincible for a while.
    • Coins: Gotta get all those gold coins to up his point total.

    World Tour

    • World 1: Nature in the rough A peaceful mountain village if it wasn't full of Aloha's vile minions. Take Robbit's time and even try to triple jump over those hot volcano's At the end Robbit better be ready to face a dragon in the foothills to reclaim this world.
    • World 2: Aloha's Egypt In this twisted version of Egypt he will have to go every way but the right one in this pyramid maze. After that he'll have some crazy high jumps to make it to the inner sanctum and a nasty scorpion won't let him have this world without a fight.
    • World 3 : Playland It may look like a fun time but with balloons that pop when Robbit jumps on them thus leading to his doom this isn't some theme park of fun. With a crazy roller coaster that will lead him to a evil clown that'll do his best at keeping him from saving this world.
    • World 4: Winterland on ice Ice, the worst enemy in any game. It'll keep Robbit slip and sliding all the way off the world if he doesn't watch his step. Even if he gets all of the jet pods a missile toting tortoise is ready to blast his hide to the next world if he doesn't watch out.
    • World 5: City Skirmish Who knew the city could be so dangerous? With crazy hard hat workers and moving platforms this might be the end of Robbit's adventure. The final room puts him against a shape-shiftier but if he manages to beat it then this world will be saved.
    • World 6: Sky Sport Park This park isn't even finished since all Robbit has to step on is girders. Make Robbit go all the way to the top till he faces his toughest foe yet... HIMSELF! After taking out the evil Robbit only Baron Aloha stands between him and saving the galaxy.
    • BONUS ROUND! A bonus round awaits in each world if he can find them. The goal is to pop all the balloons or amass a ton of power ups. If he pops all of the balloons Robbit will get a extra life but he'll have to choose what he would rather obtain. A life or a ton of power ups? Life can certainly be hard in the world of Jumping Flash.


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