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Short and a bit repetitive, but theres fun to be had.

 Wet puts you in the shoes of Rubi Malone, voiced by Elisha Dushku and she does a pretty good job I might add. Rubi is a gun for hire and throughout the game you'll put said guns to good use.

You have other weapons at your disposal but you can get through the entire game relying solely on the pistols with which you start and they have unlimited ammo, so why wouldn't you?

While most games with dual wielded weapons still force you to shoot one target at a time, Wet allows you to take two - at least while you're sliding across the ground or dicing through the air and you'll do a lot of that as it's pretty much the only way you'll survive.  There's no cover mechanic or anything, so you'll do a whole lot of diving and sliding which gets kind of ridiculous after awhile.

If you've played John Woo's Stranglehold you'll feel right at home, I think.

In addition to shooting folk you also have a sword which can quickly dispatch folk and there are even diving and sliding attacks you can unlock, so you needn't feel vulnerable while dispatching folk with your blade.

When you're not shooting or slashing you're engaging in some servicable light platforming.

The game has grindhouse- esque asthetics, namely some heavy film grain over everything. I'm not entirely sure it does the game any favors as it's not exactly a looker to begin with. Not that the game is outright ugly, it's just thoroughly average.

Oh. And the game has a fairly kick-ass soundtrack also. It's a shame you can't seem to buy it anywhere.

The game isn't especially long which in this case might be a good thing as the combat was just starting to get repetitive.

Rubi is a fun character and the game would make a decent enough rental or bargain bin purchase, there's fun to be had for sure. We got it when it first came out at full price though and I feel there's just not enough content to justify that.

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