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Wigglers are caterpillars that first appeared in Super Mario World. Wigglers normally appear to be bright and friendly. However, if Mario, Luigi, or Yoshi jump on one, the Wiggler will take on an angry appearance and begin running fast. This personality trait carries over to other games in the Mario series, as Wigglers are normally happy and docile but will turn angry as soon as something bad happens to them. It's not all bad for Wigglers though because in later games some Wigglers appear to be friendly. In Mario Party 5, the Wiggler Capsule appeared. If the player uses that item, Wiggler will appear and ask the player to go to the star. They also appear in the Mario Kart series as obstacles in various courses like Maple Treeway and one of them is playable in Mario Kart 7. Sometimes, the Wiggler loves to play sports like tennis and baseball.

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