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    Zabuza Momochi, a mercenary assassin and former member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. He is a master of silent assassinations and together with his water Jutsu he is feared as The Demon of the Hidden Mist.

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    A deadly assassin and former shinobi of the Hidden Mist, he first appeared in episode 7 contracted by the vicious tycoon Gato to assassinate Tazuna, a bridge builder currently under the protection of Kakashi and Team 7.  After a failed assassination attempt he is beaten by Kakashi and forced to retreat, his escape aided by his companion Haku.  He later returns with Haku at his side to not only claim Tazuna's life, but also take revenge on Kakashi and the sharingan.

    He is subsequently killed by his employer after the second failed attempt on Tazuna’s life and fight with Kakashi, but not before realising how devoted Haku was, and also how much he meant to him.

    Known History

    Most of the information about Zabuza is presented through several flashbacks which shed some light on Zabuza’s history as a shinobi and how he become a wanted criminal for hire.  They also explorer his relationship with Haku, his young companion, and tell the story of how they met.

    A flashback of the past
    A flashback of the past
    As a shinobi of the Mist Zabuza was seen as a prodigy in the art of killing, and after proving himself a master of assassinations and silent killing he became a member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist.  Sometime in the future he attempted a coup d'état, an attempt to assassinate the villages leaders, but was unsuccessful.  This forced him to flee with the remaining loyal followers and become a missing-nin and it’s during that time that he came across Haku, a lonely child on the streets begging for food.  He took Haku with him and raised and trained him in the art of assassination.  Zabuza obviously saw potential in Haku and knew he would be a worthy tool to have with him.

    Once safe Zabuza then became an assassin for hire, raising the money needed before he could make another coup d'état attempt.  It’s during this time he took on the assassination of Tazuna, but failed and was killed along side Haku.  As a mark of respect the two were burried side by side just outside the village.

    Known Jutsu

    Water Clone Technique - This technique is very similar to the Shadow Clone jutsu used by Naruto in most respects.  The technique creates a clone of the user made from water, which has around a tenth of the manifesters strength.  It is also known that the clone cannot travel any great distance from the user and like the Shadow Clone is dispelled when hit.

    Water Prison Technique
    - This technique is used to trap an opponent in an inescapable sphere of water.  While inside the target is unable to move, and the user is required to keep one hand against the sphere at all times to maintain it.  It is also suggested that this technique requires a source of water to be used.

    Hidden Mist Technique - This technique mimics the effects of a thick fog and reduces visibility in the affected area.  This density can be controlled by the user, and if thick enough the mist can be used to stop the use of Genjutsu techniques.

    Water Dragon Technique

    - This technique creates a blast of water in the form of a dragon to attack the opponent.  It requires a large body of water to use and a great amount of hand seals to manifest.  The technique undoubtedly uses a lot of chakra, although that is never confirmed.

    Grand Waterfall Technique - This technique forms a large waterfall that attacks the opponent.  The waterfall has enough force to drag an opponent underwater and carry him away and again requires a large amount of water local to do it.

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