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In 1080 Snowboarding, you control one of five characters in one of six different modes. These include a training mode for practicing tricks, a trick attack and contest mode, as well as, a time attack and single and multiplayer race modes.


Kensuke Kimachi



19 Years Old


"Well known in Japan for his snowboarding skills. Kensuke joined the team because he wanted to be the best in the world."

Technique 8

Max Speed 8

Balance 6

Power 7

Jump 6

Rob Haywood



20 Years Old


"Rob joined the team through Ricky's father. He's a skilled snowboarder, but still has a lot to learn."

Technique 8

Max Speed 9

Balance 7

Power 6

Jump 6


Akari Hayami


17 Years Old


"Akari is new to the sport, but a hard worker. Her technique and jumping ability could make her a valuable asset to the team."

Technique 8

Max Speed 5

Balance 9

Power 3

Jump 8

Dion Blaster



28 Years Old


"Dion is one of the best overall snowboarders on the team. However he doesn't excel when it comes to tricks. This makes him impatient and irrational at times."

Technique 4

Max Speed 10

Balance 5

Power 3

Jump 4

Ricky Winterborn



14 Years Old


"Ricky is a cocky little kid. That's probably because his dad founded this team. Although he's not strong, he has excellent trick technique."

Technique 10

Max Speed 4

Balance 7

Power 4

Jump 10

Reception and LegacyAt the time of 1080's release, it out did every other snowboarding game on the market. Like Wave Race and it's praise garnered for it's water physics, 1080 was well received based on how the snow was represented. Down the slopes you would hear the "swoosh" sounds coming from the snow, and would be have appropriately as in real life. Powdered snow would send a cloud of it in the air, ice would show your reflection, and your board would leave behind tracks in the snow.

Surprisingly, unlike it's other extreme sport cousin, 1080 was noted to be a very technical and overall difficult game. The hardest aspect of the game was positioning your board properly in order to land without wiping out. Other criticisms were given towards the game's AI, which would actually rubberband and would catch up to you much faster than the player trying to catch up to the computer.

Nonetheless, the game had no rival at it's time, and it took several years until it was trumped by EA's SSX series. A sequel to 1080 Snowboarding was released on the Gamecube called 1080 Avalanche. Developed by NST, the game received harsher criticisms compared to it's predecessor, most common complaints being frame rate issues and very little gameplay.

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