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Dramatic Finger-Pointing Returns! 6

 Miles Edgeworth, Prosecutor. Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth is the next in the series of Ace Attorney games which started as GBA titles in Japan before making the jump the DS for a US release. Not much has changed in this one either; you'll find yourself collecting evidence and questioning witnesses to solve a murder mystery in a nearly identical format to the previous games. The gameplay involves you stumbling into a murder case and subsequently solving it in each episod...

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Turnabout Improvements. 0

Mechanically, Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth clearly stands as the highest point in the Ace Attorney series. Though somewhat controversial, many of Miles Edgeworth's changes help to streamline the process of working your way through the text-adventure game's courtroom drama. Rather than splitting the investigation and trial sequences, you'll do a small amount of crime scene work and then listen to testimony. This both speeds up the pacing of the game -- something that the se...

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The Weakest in the Series 6

I'm a man who loves his Phoenix Wright games. Once upon a time, I was stranded in an airport for 24 hours with only Phoenix Wright with me and, with the help of that wonderful game, I survived and became a great fan of the series. It never even bothered me that 3 in the series were really just half-assed ports of GBA games with almost nothing to make them new for DS. Though not every case is a home-run, it usually comes together in a thoroughly enjoyable package with smart stories and twists, an...

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Killings, investigations, and fingers; Another Ace Attorney game 1

Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney is a big improvement over the past Ace Attorney games. It brings everything you love to the table, except for the courtroom action, as well as a few new ideas that play out very well. The Ace Attorney series has been around for a while. After starting as a Japanese GBA game, it's become a phenomenon on the Nintendo DS, starring Phoenix Wright, and then later Apollo Justice as defense attorney's, proving their clients falsely accused of murder, innocent. But for the ...

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Everything you've come to expect, but without the courtroom 0

"What does it mean to be a prosecutor?" Well, if the Ace Attorney series is any indication, it means that your basically a lawyer who does a lot of detective work. You know, investigating crime scenes, searching for evidence, questioning witnesses, and all that other detective stuff. In the latest in the series, titled Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, you'll be doing more of that, but from the prosecutor side as Miles Edgeworth, whom you may remember from previous games as P...

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