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The protagonist of the Elite Force mini-franchise. In the original Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force, the player could choose between a male or female human character, Alexander or Alexandria Munro, respectively. NPCs generally referred to the character as "Ensign", "Munro", or "Alex", with very few direct "he" or "she" references. In the sequel, Star Trek: Elite Force II, the player was unable to choose their gender, and Alexander Munro was definitely considered the same character as in the previous game. Therefore, for simplicity's sake, this article will refer to Munro as male.
Born and raised in Vermont, Munro was considered a reliable person and a valued player and leader over the local rugby team. At Starfleet academy, he passed his classes but was often reprimanded for his lack of discipline. After graduating, he was assigned to the U.S.S. Voyager, and was stranded hundreds of thousands of light years from home with the rest of the crew when Voyager was brought to the Delta Quadrant.
Alexander Munro is voiced by Rino Romano in both games. Alexandria Munro is voiced by Devon Raymond.


 The trap is sprung.
The need for an elite combat team aboard Voyager became increasingly necessary with the growing dangers in the Delta Quadrant. Captain Kathryn Janeway named these highly trained operatives the "Hazard Team", with Ensign Alex Munro being second in command after Lieutenant Foster. Lieutenant Tuvok was assigned as tactical advisor and put a lot of pressure on Munro given their different views on how a challenge is to be approached. Often split in two, Munro commanded Crewman Chell and Crewman Murphy. Together they faced the Borg, Species 8472, space pirates, and many other vicious enemies.
After Lt. Foster is wounded (or assimilated and later rescued depending on whether the player manages to save him in time or not), Munro assumes full leadership over the Hazard Team and leads the assault on the Forge that holds Voyager trapped. After destroying the threat to Voyager, and the galaxy, Munro is promoted to Lieutenant and officially made leader of the Hazard Team. 


 Who's the man? Munro's the man. No, really.
Munro and the Hazard team makes a cameo appearance inside the Borg sphere Voyager's trapped inside when travelling through the transwarp stream to Earth. Munro is the last one to beam out and faces a prototype super Borg soldier before he can be extracted and Voyager returns home to earth. Back on earth, the team is dismantled and Munro risks being assigned elsewhere.



To his luck, he's assigned aboard the USS Enterprise-E under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. The entire team is assembled together with Lieutenant Tuvok as a security advisor. It's not long before the Hazard Team must combat an unknown creature and Munro's skills are put to the test. He even goes undercover disguised as a Romulan to infiltrate a rogue branch of Romulans and fends off attackers both inside and outside of the hull of the Enterprise. 


 Ensign Telsia Murphy

Lieutenant Munro has worked with Crewman Telsia Murphy ever since Voyager and its crew were stranded in the Delta Quadrant, and it's no surprise that romantic feelings grew between them (this is only hinted at in Elite Force, but notably played out even if the player was female, making Telsia Murphy possibly one of few bisexual characters in Star Trek). The player may choose to romance Telsia in  Elite Force II, but there's temptation in the form of an Idryll woman named Kleeya. Through dialogue choices in the campaign, the player will see different endings where Munro shows his affection for either woman.

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