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Full Title: United Starship Voyager, NCC-74656 (Naval Construction Contract 74656)
Class: Intrepid-class ship
Created: One of four as of stardate 48315.6( Sep 16 2370) . Voyager  was commissioned on stardate 48038.5 ( Jun 07 2370 )
Total Length: 344 meters
Total Width: 130 metres
Total Height: 63 metres
Total Weight: 700,000 tonnes
Maximum Speed: Warp-factor 9.975
Decks: 15
Standard Crew Complements: 150 (175 max), Officers: 30, Enlisted: 120,
                                                         VIPs: 5 available, Passengers: 20 (available)  

Senior Staff  

Kathryn Janeway   
Commanding Officer,
Chakotay HumanCommanderFirst Officer
Tuvok VulcanLt. Commander
Tactical officer &
Chief of security
Tom Paris HumanLieutenant Chief  helmsman & Emergency Medic
B'Elanna Torres Half - Human
Half - Klingon
Lieutenant Chief engineer
Harry Kim
HumanEnsign Chief  Operations officer
The Doctor
HologramN/A Chief medical officer & Emergency Command Hologram 
Neelix Talaxian  N/AAdvisor, cook,
morale officer &
 Seven of nine
Former Borg
Astrometrics Officer
 Kes Ocampa N/A Former Nurse

Hazard Team

 Les Foster
 Human Lieutenant Commanding Officer
 Alexander Munro
 AKA Alexandria
 Ensign /
 Promoted Lieutenant
 Second in Command
 Telsia Murphy
 Human Crewman Sniper / Scout
 Austin Chang
 Half Human
 Half Rigelian
 Crewman Demolitions
  Chell Bolian Crewman Technician
 Kendrick Biessman
 Human Crewman Heavy Weapons
 Juliet Jurot
 Betazoid Crewman Field Medic

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