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@vinny: How do I "like" or "subscribe" to this? Where do I send my tithe?

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Alright Caravella that was pretty damn funny.

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What reality is this?!

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I get the deeper meaning here!

*wears hotdog. Eats hat*

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Sorry, but I would have to disagree. Although the Rift reaction was filled with hyperbole Facebook still has a lot to prove in terms of confidence in consumers. You logic here is flawed. Good day sir!

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This is what an aneurysm feels like, right?

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Draw me like one your french... frogs?

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makes u think...

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Is...is this art? I can never tell.

I can...never...tell.

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I just myself.

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I see... Interesting!

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Please tell me this becomes a daily thing.

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Wow, Vinny with no beard and a full head of hair might be even better than his amazing manga.

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finally a real Anime expert. make us proud Vinny makes us proud.

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I didn't realize @vinny worked for The New Yorker at some point.

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Now this is exactly what i come to giantbomb for! gonna go add another year to my premium membership

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Fuck Video Thing: 2 Human, this might be my new favorite thing on the site.

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Why is the staff taking to the forums recently? And with stuff that people would flag if they could flag it?

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This is an interesting way to monetize teens.

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This is about an 11 out of 10 stars. Can I do that? Doesn't matter. Just did.

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lol wut?!?

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yes I agree ..

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please make this an actual every now and then thing.

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Y'know, panel 3 really speaks to me. It just... it says it all, y'know? It also doubles as a scathing attack on whaling, which is brilliant.

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vinny plz

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This is the sort of biting commentary I come to Giant Bomb for.

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I think Vinny forgot where Anime Vice is located.

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This is Frog Fractions 2, isn't it?

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This should be a one off feature

it should never happen again

<> <> go out on top

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FK in the mashed potatos

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This is not why I kickstarted VinCo. I feel robbed.

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I'm so confused...is that the point?

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I must say the other one from his twitter speaks even more to me..

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Which one of us has gone crazy?

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But what does it really mean?

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I won't forgive any "Nise Kawaiikochans"!!

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You accidentally a comic.

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Patrick must feel stupid for using all those words now.

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Max approved.

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Caravella sensei.

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Can't argue with that.

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