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Mass Effect 3 to (Finally) Support Same-Sex Love Interests

How the new options will play into existing characters, however...

You can have a relationship with whomever in BioWare's Dragon Age series. Male-male? Female-female? Go for it, adventurer! That's not the case in Mass Effect, a consistent source of criticism against the sci-fi epic. That changes with Mass Effect 3, according to a Tweet from executive producer Casey Hudson.

"Happy to confirm #ME3 supports wider options for love interests incl. same-sex for m&f chars, reactive to how you interact w/them in-game," said Hudson in a surprise update yesterday morning.

As for how that will exactly play out, Hudson isn't saying just yet.

"Some game sites saying 'previously straight chars now available for both m&f [male & female] chars' not necessarily true," he clarified. "Will have some new LI's [love interests] in #ME3."

Whether or not you ever encounter these new relationships options in Mass Effect 3, it's great to see the company responding to something players have been asking for. Having the option is what's important.

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Posted by caityful
@Abyssfull said:
Again, Chakwas, baby.
Also, Joker. Depending on whether or not BioWare is big on the cuddling in ME3, as it was in ME2...
Posted by RVonE

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@Eijikun said:

"A consistent source of criticism"? Really?

Are all games now expected to feature homosexuality as a matter of course? If so, why? No, listen. Why?

No not all games. But in an RPG that allows you a variety of romance interests, the relevant question is "why not?", not "why?". Why not allow you to romance characters of the same sex? More choice and more ability to mould your character the way you want is a good thing. No one has to play their character gay of course, but it gives people the option.

EDIT: My female Shep is all about cock though.
Posted by Mr_Skeleton

It's good cause girls have cooties, and believe me you don't want to get cooties.

Posted by jkuc316

This just gave me a reason to play ME2 again

Posted by Sprizmo

Dragon Age 2 should have recognized that my female Hawke was flirting with all the ladies. I'm sorry Anders, it just wasn't going to happen.

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If I Still cant get it on with Wrex then it is still not good enough.
And I want to get it on with as many male aliens as possible but wrex is at the top of the list.
Get on that bioware and i might start liking mass effect. give me my option to do wrex.

 homsexual human sex it's been done nothing new to see here move on... Gay alien  homosexual sex that is more new get it done. If i have to pay wrex off like a whore in bribes to do it that would be an  acceptable quest to get it done.

Urdnot Wrex - Concept Art
Posted by Michaelblack18

i am very glad to see something like this happen in a game like mass effect yes human on human same sex relationships have been done in video games we will see that now same sex human on aliens thatll make it more interesting i think it's a great choice to add that to add more depth to the story and the fiction 

Posted by President_Barackbar

I'm not against same sex relationships in games. I AM against same sex relationships poorly shoehorned into games so the developer can look progressive. Whether this game takes that route remains to be seen, although after the way it was handled in DA2 Im not surprised by the skepticism.

Posted by geirr

Finally I can get my space gay on!

Posted by jmrwacko

I'm Captain Shepard, and this is my favorite gay bar on the Citadel.

Posted by jmrwacko
@Makoma said:
But more seriously, this.
    Really, why is this even news? I don't understand the fascination with having a homosexual or bestiality loving character. As a bisexual duder I find it more offensive that people are advertising it than not having it at all, like it's some sort of gift to the world. If they want to do it, sure, fine, go bananas (hehe) but it shouldn't be something to draw attention to, any more than the protagonist of Gears being straight and not at all ramming Dom up the ass with his Lancer.

   Somehow it's fine for lesbians to do the scissors thing, but if two guys want to swordfight people start doing spit-takes. I think that's what this article is clarifying.
Bisexual duder comparing homosexuality to beastiality and claiming that alien sex is bestiality. lolwut
Posted by rustedfaith

It's great they are doing that, not so much that it's an afterthought. Prefer fully develop characterisation and if being gay is part of that then so be it, not  if it's just a token. 

@Beaudacious said:
 What if someone played a renegade Shepard, do you really think Renegade hetero shepard would look nicely upon a same sex advance? He'd probably beat the crap out of the other character. Also these aren't relationships, its moving up a dialog tree to see someone in their undies.  So either way drop it and make gameplay better. Anyone who cares about this is more of a role-player, and if we start giving into role-player demands, oh god help us all.

Agree with the dialog tree jumping. Hetero Renegade Shepard might be over-compensating for some deep seated issues...what a story arc. Renegade Shepard doesn't understand his feelings in a world that expects him to be hetero and manly strong. There you go interesting characterisation.

Posted by Roddykat

Aww, the "poor" homophobic, I mean, "privileged straight male gamer" set are once again set upon and will cry for choices they don't have to make in a video game they also don't have to play. I shed no tear for the ignorant. Good on you, Bioware!

Posted by NickFerg

Sweet, my Shepard is going to be a man-slut! Here's hoping for the elusive Male-on-Female-on-Male combination.

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

Good. There really hasn't been a good excuse to keep it out until this point.

Posted by Keavy_Rain
@Supercancer said:
Shepard on Wrex action. Eugghh.Then again, I've never gotten the achievement or whatever for having a relationship in the first place.
I play a femShep and I got the achievements for completionist sake,but ME2's romance options just sucked for me and I can't stand Mark Meer's voice acting.
Posted by rmanthorp
@MordeaniisChaos said:
God, I cannot believe the amount of ignorance on here.

I thought this community was a lot more open, but all I see is complaining about how it's a bloody option. "Oh no, they are forcing me to potentially be gay, how frightening!"

It's not like if you choose to go with straight love interests you're going to be bi. Shepard's not going to around being all "Yo, I like it every which way." And some dude hitting on your male Shepard makes HIM gay, not YOU. 
@modeps: But it was blatantly sexist. So.... I'm not sure that really counts.

@MEATBALL: There is no reason this is unreasonable, first of all, and "wiggle" room is bullshit. You could be a saint, you could be borderline evil, you could be any manner of places in between. There was a LOT of wiggle room. I'd say the decision between sex with a human and an alien is a MUCH bigger amount of "wiggle" room than being able to be gay. It's something that should have been in from the beginning. It IS in RPG, and gay guys were pretty much fucked if they wanted to experience all of the functions of the game in a way that wasn't awkward. Bioware making lesbian relationships but not making gay relationships was sexist, and frankly a little gross. This is 2011. We figured out that gays deserve exactly as much as everyone else already. Now it's time to start acting that way. No offense, but I think your being very close minded. There is plenty of other choice, and that very MUCH defines who your Shepard is. He is not a BLANK slate, but he is a relatively unadorned slate. He is basically a generic soldier destined to do something big. You decide how and what it is that he does. You decide who he gets along with, and for the most part, who he screws. You should be able to pick a homosexual relationship. It makes the game more impactful to gays, because otherwise, the romance crap mind as well not even exist to them. It may be a small part of the game, but it still matters. It's time for gamers to grow up and stop being homophobes. And it's not like there being the option in the game will force you into it. You're not going to accidentally stumble into some dudes backside. If you think Shepard's character is set in stone, you should take a step back, and look at how drastically different a lot of people's idea's of who and what Shepard is all about. For example, I hated the story in ME2 because it totally went against what my original Shepard would do, not to mention all the other glaring issues. He is a human soldier, you pick his upbringing, his war record, you decide what he specializes in, and you decide how much of a dick/realist/idealist/saint he is, and you pick the manner in which he is those things. You pick the exceptions he makes for certain situations, like when something totally unforgivable is done, you might execute a man who you could have allowed to live, despite being, generally, a very forgiving Shepard. He is not quite a blank slate, and he became less of one in ME2, but he still wasn't set in stone.
@gorkamorkaorka: I agree, but only for the sake of it being silly not to be able to point that out. I'm pretty sure they will go the DA:O way and make sure that you can scorn any such advances if you wish. The crap in DA2 was just silly, there should be characters that are GAY and that are STRAIGHT and are BI, not all one big happy orgy group of "I'll screw anything that moves."
I think everyone here should read that first sentence and fucking take a look in the mirror!
This is great news.
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Does this mean that I can finally be Captain Jack?



Posted by tplarkin7

This is bad news.

Posted by Deusoma

Inaccurate headline on this one. Nobody believed the technicality that the Asari were psychic hermaphrodites, you've been able to have lesbian romances since the very first game. Even if you're going pure technically, spirit of the concept, there was a human woman who swung both ways in the second game. The only thing that's "finally" happening is that gay/bisexual men are represented.

Posted by Xsheps

Given the media frenzy about the alien side boob in this series I can't wait to see what the fox news crowd has to say about this. . . 

Posted by Rekt_Hed

Cool so :
 Mass Effect 3: Lesbians on a mission!


Mass-iv Effection 3: Super Fun Time ;)

Posted by Jwkokosmakroon
@Jedted said:

As long as they don't make every bi like in DA2.


yeah that was kinda lame. If you talk to a partymember long enough he'll be madly in love with you...... which is akward.... There should be bi/gay and straight characters but not just bi characters.
Edited by YagRab

I don't understand the negative reaction coming off from this innovation of bioware's. As a gay man I have been forced to play a hetero Shepard throughout both games instead of going with someone like Kaiden (which would have been a suitable bisexual shipmate). I understand that the primary concern is the current characters persona's being reset and them suddenly having man-to-man feelings with your MaleShep and I sympathize, that would just be lazy developing on Bioware's hands. Although I think Kaiden (someone who was not expanded on too much in ME1) should be fair game for this 'rescripting' while someone like Garrus should most definitely not. Unlike what people believe, I'm not hoping Bioware does this just so I can be a deviant and try and get into every male shipmate's boxers. I'm simply hoping they do this so I can further accentuate myself into MY Shepard who's supposed to portray ME.
Imagine if every character was gay and the only character that was 'bi'  (pretend the asari are male-looking instead of female looking for all intensive visualizing purposes)  just so happens to look like a man rather than a woman but is technically neither gender. Either way it's still a gay relationship. Now, that's how I feel when I play this game - forced into having all straight crew members and having to settle for Liara in ME1 and then practically playing Eenie Meanie Miny Mo with the remaining love choices with ME2 because there's no initiative to choose any. Sure I have a 'connection' (I use the term loosely, they are all images, nothing real :p) with the female crew members but that doesn't mean I'm just going to settle with one because the hetero community is having an aneurism over the potential thought of *gasp* a man hitting on them! I have to deal with a Tali, Miranda, Liara, and Ashley all trying to get into my trousers even though I'm not attracted to their gender, why do I gave to deal with it because the amount of gamers are apparently having sexual identity issues and are scared of throwing some gay characters in there.
Anyways, like I said, some characters could be potentially redone to bisexuality (Kaiden) while others NEED to retain their own persona's (Wrex, Garrus, Anderson, etc. etc.) also new characters should be added who are gay which gives it more variety without tampering with previous characters who need to retain their already formed personalities.

Posted by Brodehouse

I think it would be fucking great if James Vega was only gay. No bisexuality, full on gay.

Posted by Law313
@Supercancer said:
Shepard on Wrex action. Eugghh.Then again, I've never gotten the achievement or whatever for having a relationship in the first place.
You just gotta talk to the people. After every main story mission, the crew on the Normandy will have new dialogue. In the first ME, I only found out about the romance options because I wanted to see EVERYTHING I could-dialogue included. So either that means your missing out on interesting conversations, or just not taking the conversations toward romance. Either way, your missing out. 
Posted by Roger778

I shudder to think of male sheperd making out with Wrex...but not the other way around if you're playing as FemShep. 
Regardless, this is pretty cool news.