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Ascension is one of the default multiplayer maps in Halo 2. Located on Installation 05 (more commonly known as Delta Halo), the setting of Ascension is a Forerunner relay station, that features a large bowl-shaped dish, and three large prong-like towers. Other notable structures include two tower bases on opposite sides of the map, and a Banshee landing pad at the end of a long walkway. Ascension is very flexible in terms of gameplay, and does a good job of handling 1-Sided Capture the Flag matches, and Team Slayer games with Sniper rifles as the starting weapon.
A view of the rotating relay tower, located in the middle of the map.

The most popular gametype played on the map, however, is a community-created variant known as "Tower of Power." Tower of Power is a gametype where players are only afforded the use of a Shotgun, and must control the mounted-turret at the top of the large tower to gain an advantage over the opposing team.

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