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 Now ive played none in the series until now but after playing the sequel i now am not only getting the first one but its now arguably my favorite sandbox game, and one of my favorite series.

Italians have a great culture, Italy being the home of two great happenings in history that shaped and invented the western world, The Roman Empire & The Renaissance, and i thank this developer for involving Italians in a video game and not focusing on some mafia BS or some common stereotype thats associated in every Italian-American video game or film. Extreme gratitude to this developer for showing Italians too can have a great history based game, not just the British, and thats another thing props for getting actual italian accents instead of being lazy and just using British accents like they do for most settings in Europe, indeed i notice the small things like this. The medeval age in games gets old, the beautiful colors and architecture of Italy is definately far more easier on the eyes than the rugged uninspired constant shade of grey stone (England) but enough of that. 

Mixing Science fiction and the past is nothing new i'm sure, weve all seen the dozens of sci fi flicks involving Cowboys vs Aliens, but Assassins Creed is in a leaque of its own. Its rare for a game to be both Original & Intelligent. Usualy in video games i care nothing about collecting such meaningless things as "Codex" & "Gyphs", these are but chores and annoyances in most games, but AC2 made me search for every single damn one, because its story, the entire synopsis & the lore is top knotch, the writers succeeded in making a game with a complex in depth back story of mystery, and they succeeded even further with tying it all together with historical characters and inventors of the past, the game succeeded in mixing mystery & sci fi where most fail cough Prototype cough. And also pioneered new technology in the sci fi video game genre (yes i'm well aware of genetic memory as a theory and in Sci fi themes before, but you name me another machine that does exactly what the Animus does), i'm counting the days till we see some "Animus" clone in another game. 

The gameplay is simple but it gets the job done, the parkour is amazingly done, much more in depth & fun to execute than in previous titles such as "inFamous" or "Prototype" games where parkour involve rapidly pressing the X button and a game that did it all for you. The sword play again is simple but it gets the job done you can't just go all "Psycho sword wielding bastard FTW" on everyone in some cases strategy is the way to go, that or climbing on a building pulling out the pistol and capping some mofo's. The characters are likable and voice acting is top knotch, did i mention that the game was beautiful? not just graphicaly but Ubi soft Montreal succeeded in the designing of Italy to such detail one cannot help but notice.

The game is sure to please those who can appreciate those who love a history, mystery & sci fi filled action adventure, by all means Assassins creed II is a gem in a sea of mediocrity .  


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