The Unspeakable Genius of Assassin's Creed 3 (SPOILERS)

Posted by Redhorn (229 posts) -

what if assassin's creed 3's focus on connor's naivete, his foolish hope in the colonists and his dwindling faith in america was all a big meta-narrative of the player's own crushed hope and increasing pain as they continue through the game alongside him

connor leaves the animus as we shift focus to ourselves, the players, as we die alongside him, denied catharsis as we are served up the wackest fucking ending i have ever played five games to earn



#2 Posted by Artso (80 posts) -

I would argue that the genius of AC is its environments. Exploring and watching a piece of history, even if it is not historically correct. I actually liked Connor and Haytham. Connor was pretty badass. The writing was sharp. I guess I don't care that much about an ending when I enjoy 20 hours of the game. That and the fact that I never liked Desmond and hated the Animus part. Why even have it in your games? You play as Desmond so little in the series (especially in this game) so why? A really bad sci-fi plot that I wish the series never had. They even overlook it themselves, "or you can go back into the Animus", as soon as you leave it.

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