Video problem with AC3?

#1 Posted by chelsuh (10 posts) -

i know ive had this same problem before but with a different PC game, but i dont remember what i did to fix it.

Basically, my problem is, once i get to the main menu of AC3, i start seeing these randomly moving beams, going in all different directions

Heres a screenshot of what I'm talking about

I have a nvidia graphics card, and ive played all the other AC games on this laptop with a problem like this. I've checked for updates for it too, but nope.

anybody know how to fix this?

#2 Posted by Khemitude (226 posts) -

That to me seems like artifacting which tends to mean the graphics card is dying but it could be for some other weird reason such as driver conflicts but if i had to picks i'd say graphics card is on its way out.

#3 Posted by chelsuh (10 posts) -

i hope its not my graphics card :0 i just got this laptop for christmas, and plus when it happened to me before it was on a different computer.

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