Wish list for Assassins Creed 4

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Well Assassins Creed 3 had some good stuff going for it, I thought the environment was really amazing, but it was made hard to enjoy from really the awful aspects such as having 9 guards instantly start chasing you for no reason and making the stealth aspects near on impossible. What do we think they have to change to make assassins creed 4 better? And i'm talking gameplay over any story gripes.

My top 3.

1. Design a Map that is useful to read and follow, also do not have significant areas of the maps left un-shadowed. If there are 20 climb points. I want to uncover the whole map. Do not take a blue piece of paper and draw light blue lines on it, and then put it on a background of light blue lines moving around.

2. Sort out the guards. (bit broad this one!) - My main frustration is having about 10 guards instantly chase you, and then when you have pulled a certain level of agro make it nearly impossible to go to a bribe point without being spotted again and having another 10 guards suddenly spot you from across 5 buildings. I guess as part of this I want the whole yellow and red system overhauled.

3. Crafting. Get rid of it. The whole system is useless. I love the idea of building a homestead but giving me a huge list of items of which 10% are useful is very frustrating, making those 10% impossible to get until you have near enough completed your homestead makes it more frustrating. I love upgrading my dude, and I love the homestead Idea....just make the rewards come sooner and make them more apparent. As it currently is I've made my way through the game perfectly with 10 arrows, giving me more in sequence 11 isn't a huge benefit.

4 (Honourable mention). Stealth. - I want to be able to be sneaky. I love the cool fighting animations, but dont make it impossible to sneak around so I can see them.


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Give tutorials for stuff. One of my big issues with 3 is that I had not played a creed game in a wile and they barely glossed over a lot of the stuff.

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Get rid of the ANNOYING AS FUCK bright white loading / transition screens. It's like constantly flashing in your damn face. Who thought that was a good idea? It's so jarring and unnecessary.

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