Banjo is 26 bucks on Amazon right the hell now.

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If only Rare would break out of their contract with Microsoft and put it on other platforms.

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BananaKid said:
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Sushbag said:
"If only Rare would break out of their contract with Microsoft and put it on other platforms."
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I could not pass up that deal!  Especially after the way they talked about it on the podcast!

#7 Posted by Jayge_ (10270 posts) -

Fuck, steal of the century.

#8 Posted by DrPepper1990 (561 posts) -

just ordered mine

#9 Posted by Bear (248 posts) - needs to start shipping to Canada, they have so many good deals.

#10 Posted by ArchScabby (5877 posts) -

just bought it!  Great Deal!

#11 Posted by pause422 (6294 posts) -

Definitely hit up this deal if you have yet to try this game, its worth full price imo, this is a damn steal!

#12 Posted by TheGreatGuero (8882 posts) -

Totally buy it, dudes. I am loving this game. Easily one of the best games of the year. Basically with this deal it's like you're extending the preorder deal where you paid $40 and got Nuts & Bolts and the $15 Banjo-Kazooie for free.

#13 Posted by Bass (707 posts) -

ordered and shipping. I was going to get it sometime after Christmas or something, but that deal is ridiculous.

#14 Posted by MasterOfPenguins_Zell (2120 posts) -

I text my mom from school the second I saw this, hopefully the offer will still be here in the next few days, cuz I couldn't order it today. ;___;

#15 Posted by cjmhockey (245 posts) -

I was considering getting this after listening to the bombcast earlier this week... now I have to get it, can't turn down such a deal.

#16 Posted by SoulEdgeSlayer (547 posts) -

Just got it.  Too awesome.

#17 Posted by Daz0608 (403 posts) -

That is a steal for a game this good and a game this big, and oh don't worry too much about the SDTV thing, unless you have a tiny screen,  I was playing on a 28" SDTV and there was hardly any difference between that and my 19" HDTV 

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It's $36.99 now.

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MB said:
"It's $36.99 now."
Still a steal.
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SpinCookie said:
"Sushbag said:
"If only Rare would break out of their contract with Microsoft and put it on other platforms."
Keep Playing Cooking mama and Wii Music with that Dream in your heart.

the rest of us will enjoy this game.
#21 Posted by SmugDarkLoser (5041 posts) -

Jees, this is a huge rip-off.  Banjo's one of the most shittiest sequels ever made.

#22 Posted by Ice_Cold_Rayman (227 posts) -
MB said:
"It's $36.99 now."
Yeah, Amazon sure changed that one quick.
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This is so funny, one of the cheapest games I've seen for 360 and also one of the best.

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Is does for the Uk'ers as well?

Probably, not since apparently Rare hates Uk.

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It's on again. $25.99 at amazon.

I got my copy in the mail just yesterday, but have hardly played it because I can't read a god-damn thing. Hurry on up with that patch, Rare.

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Dude....should I get it....I don't have to buy as many presents....gagh...I could get this and....INNER CONFLICT DARN YOU!!!!

Didn't like the demo enough to get it. It's a steal I know but doesn't feel like the game for me.
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Ordered. Thanks for the info.

#29 Posted by Bkorns4 (143 posts) -

wow...AMAZING deal. I work at a video game store (not gamestop) and was waiting for us to get a used copy of nuts and bolts so i can get it very cheep (i pay cost), and this deal beats that. I need this game!

#30 Posted by Cheapoz (1143 posts) -

Worth every US cent.

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