"The Bomb Squad" Giant Bomb Community Clan (PS3)

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i don't know how to make a new topic so i'll put it here i guess. 
Anyone want to do a Boosting run? Medic boosting and Rank Boosting in 1

Medic Boosting:

The Host team are Attackers. Squad that are joining are Defenders.

For Lower ranks:

Select your Medic Class, Using the default gun (PKM LMG) > M9 Pistol > Medic Boxes > Defibrillators.

For Those who have unlocked the following:

Again select your Medic Class. Using: M249 SAW > Medic Boxes > Defibrillators > Ammo Hip Bandolier > Medic Kit Improved Range.

Step 1:

Find a Partner on the other team, and both of you stand on a corner of "A" Bomb, diagonally opposite each other, leaving enough space for Medic Boxes to be thrown into the middle. Another member from each team will do the same with the other two corners.

Both sets of 4 should be in seperate parties once the boosting begins, this allows easy communication between pairs.

If you are downstairs/Not by the Bomb - A square will be made between the four of you directly underneath the other group. You will then do the same as that group but instead of using the bomb to throw your Medic Box onto, you will throw you Medic Boxes into the middle, of your square.

Step 2: Throw your Medic Box into the middle of the bomb. Then both you and your partner shoot each other simultaneously, tapping your trigger so that you are only firing 1 bullet every second. Do this for 7 shots then throw out your Medic Box. Every second or so your score should increase by 20 or 30, with your streak popping up at the bottom. NOTE: If you fire more than one bullet a second, your partners health will decrease at a faster rate and eventually kill them. If this happens they will need to be revived.


You must remember to keep throwing down Medic Boxes, this is how you get your points.

It is important that the Attackers must not die, as they only have 20 Lives. The defenders have unlimited lives.

If you are out of ammo on your LMG, Switch to your pistol. Once that is out of ammo please follow these Instructions:


Kill the defender to your left or right and take their ammo. Do not kill your partner as you will have to run across and interupt the other pair. If the Defender you have killed has no ammo you will need to kill them again.


Ask the Attacker to your left or right to kill you as you have no ammo. Select your medic class again then spawn on the member of your squad that was also in that room. Now continue your boosting.


do not worry about your Kill/death ratio. You can Kill Boost to get this back up. You will still be receiving heaps of score.


If everyone runs out of ammo at the same time, try to only have one defender die at a time, this allows the other defender to spawn straight back in the building without any extra delay.

If any of the below occur, please follow the stated instructions:

You have thrown down Medic boxes and are still shooting but are not receiving points? - This happens alot with the people below the bomb, this is usually because the people upstairs have stopped firing. (the people downstairs are able to heal the people upstairs, so long as you are directly below that bomb. If this happens when you are the upstairs group, try to move slightly to the left/right and you should begin getting points again.

A person in your room has accidently been killed/you killed them? - Their team mate should use their Defibrillators to revive them. If this happens to an attacker it is very important that they are revived so the attacker's lives do not decrease.

A person needs to leave the game? - These boosting games can go on for a very long time if you have a good lobby. If you need to leave, please tell the leader of the lobby and the group you are boosting with, and try to get someone else to join for when you leave. This allows the lobby you are in to continue boosting once you have left and stops any randoms joining.   
here's a video explaination i couldn't find another 1 
Kill Boosting
  Basic info:

Ok guys, im going to try and give a very detailed explanation of how to kill boost in BFBC2.

First off, you need 3 people to kill boost. There will be the one person getting kills, a second person that will be reviving, and the last person will be dieing.

This works best if you have a dummy account or a 1 month ur friend can get on so u can just kill him.

Getting into the game:

Ok, first thing you wana do is get all 3 members into 1 xbox live party. Then you (the person getting the kills) searches for a match (you should be the only one in your squad). The gametype you should search is "Rush".

When you search for a game


. The reason for this is beacuse if you were a defender killing the dummy (the attacker) then the game would end in 20 kills.

After you make it into a game, you have to make sure your team is full so the dummy, and the reviver can get onto the other team.

Where and how to do this

Ok, at this point you should be in the game, and your 2 friends should be on the opposite team. Now all you have to do is find a spot away from your team mates or else someone else will come find you.

What i would do is try and find the very edge of the map to try this at. Where it says "you are leaving the boundaries of the map, get back to the battle"

Then all you have to do is kill the dummy account, and the reviver just revives him, and you repeat the process.

Things to keep in mind

1. Now when you search in the gametype "Rush" it is your choice to pick hardcore or not. If you dont pick hardcore, then you better have a silencer or something that will not show up on the radar, or else the enemy will find you fast.

2. While u are in the game, dont stay in 1 spot for the whole game, because remember, your team mates might get suspicious and see you are just sitting in the back of the map, and might come see whats up. So try and move maybe every 20 kills or so just to be safe.

3. Remember that eventually the round will end and you have to switch from attacker to defender, so time yourself accordingly while doing this.

Alright guys, i tried to be as detailed as i could, have fun trying this, and let me know if this guide helped any of u all. Remember if you have any questions or if i forgot something, leave a comment and ill be happy to answer any questions.

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i wanna join - PSN: Emtiff - i'll be on tonight


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Is there a Bombing run tonight?

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@MrQuinn99: Yup, same time 8:30pm EDT.
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My PSN is Jackel_Dingo
I think Duder Company is pretty cool

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@FrankCanada97 said:
" @MrQuinn99: Yup, same time 8:30pm EDT. "

Soo thats when in Pacific time? 
I am totally in! Add me to the list and anyone can add me on PSN.
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@Devil240Z:  So I'm assuming your PSN name is the same as your username?
#158 Posted by FrankCanada97 (4187 posts) -
@Devil240Z:  5:30pm PDT.
#159 Posted by Devil240Z (4037 posts) -
@FrankCanada97 said:
" @Devil240Z:  So I'm assuming your PSN name is the same as your username? "
Yes. I try to have name parody across all my gaming/forum accounts. so PSN/XBL/STEAM all are 'Devil240Z' 
and its "two forty z" not "twenty four ounce" ...
" @Devil240Z:  5:30pm PDT. "

Awesome, Im just in time then!
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hey Devil - the word you're looking for is parity  :)    btw, i know darn well what a 240Z is - buddy o mine had an original Datsun, before they were even Nissan  :) 
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@Emtiff said:
" hey Devil - the word you're looking for is parity  :)    btw, i know darn well what a 240Z is - buddy o mine had an original Datsun, before they were even Nissan  :)  "
ehh right. parity. english was not my strong suit. or math. ...or science... crap I may be retarded. guess I spent too much time working on cars in highschool instead of studying.  
yeah alot of people call me "24 ounce" in games... gets annoying.
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PSN: p0rcupinetreefan 

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I think the name sould just be "Bomb Squad", simple and efficient.
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thank you 
#165 Posted by Auswin (72 posts) -

PSN: Auswin 
Would love to play with a good group. Will add you @FrankCanada97
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Who all is going to be on Saturday 24th and what time are you all going to be on. 
-- Thanks, ACM80 
         PSN: ACM80
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PSN:  Pittlivus.  Please add me to the list.  Thanks.

#168 Posted by FrankCanada97 (4187 posts) -

Bombing Run starts in about two hours.

#169 Posted by yani (422 posts) -

Hope some people show up.  Getting tired of playing with people who run in on their own and die in ~2secs.

#170 Posted by juice8367 (468 posts) -

I'm down to join the next run.  Add me:  Prolyfic_Fiasco

#171 Posted by FrankCanada97 (4187 posts) -

Bombing Run starts in about 8 hours for those interested.

#172 Posted by kagekage (722 posts) -

PSN- hppytreefriends 
Please add me, but a few questions: 
  1. How are we going to form squads with so many people? 
  2. Will we be playing Hardcore or Regular (I prefer Hardcore, but wouldn't terribly mind Regular) 

#173 Posted by FrankCanada97 (4187 posts) -
@kagekage: This is mostly just a player list of fellow GB'ers to play with online. We mostly play regular, although if enough people want Hardcore for this Saturday, I'll make it hardcore.
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PSN crazyleaves 
edit: usually play weekdays during the day, CST...

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I don't mind playing anytime, add VanillaBear505 if you don't mind a teenage Lancashire accent :P 

#176 Posted by fentonalpha (932 posts) -

PSN ID: FentonAlpha

#177 Posted by stephengotlost (714 posts) -

PSN: stephengotlost

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Count me in
My PSN id is:  Ie_Ol   (where both "I" are i's" "

#179 Posted by Frederik (382 posts) -

I'd love to join!  
My PSN is: Fredepadde

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im new..kind of resurrecting this but PSN-----> BarkiN_SpideRz, id like an active clan to play with 

#181 Posted by Maidenmatt (28 posts) -

Hi I would love to be a part of the bomb squad! 
My PSN is Maidenmatte8
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Hi.. i wasnt sure where to put this so il just ask here.. was just wonddering if i could join this clan.. i play bc on the ps3. online id : Znorky94

#183 Posted by Bald3rdash (262 posts) -

Are any of you guys still actively playing the game?  I'd love to have a full squad when joining games, I'll play any class so add CapnSmitty to your friends list if you would like.

#184 Posted by Mmmslash (2190 posts) -
@Bald3rdash:  I still play from time to time, but I haven't played with a regular squad in ages. Might be fun.
#185 Posted by SilentCommando (607 posts) -
@Bald3rdash said:
" Are any of you guys still actively playing the game?  I'd love to have a full squad when joining games, I'll play any class so add CapnSmitty to your friends list if you would like. "
Yeah, I still play the game a decent amount of the time. It would be awesome to play with some GB guys again since some don't play anymore.
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Is this squad open to complete noobs like myself who just recently purchased BFBC2 and am still playing through the campaign? As soon as it's done, either tonight or tomorrow I'm gonna dive into the Multiplayer but have never played a BF game online before.

#187 Posted by FrankCanada97 (4187 posts) -
@MetalMoog: It's open to everyone! This is a community clan just looking to bring together fellow Giant Bombers online through Bad Company 2.
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Sweet. I played online last night for the first time.  Got killed a lot but got some kills, and marked some enemies for my team.  Enjoying it so far.  Noticed some lag but nothing when I was actually in gunfights.
My PSN is: Helghastly187. 
I have a set of A40's ready to rock for squad communications!
EA tweeted today that they would be routing players to the data centre from their country in their EA profile.  I am playing out of Canada if that makes any difference to the lag/squad options.

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We should try to put together some kind of small bombing run tonight, just for the hell of it.   Anybody down?

#190 Posted by Bouke (1400 posts) -

I would like to sign up aswell, i've been playing Bad Company online for some time with just my friends, but it would be nice to play with some fellow GB fans!  Also i'm in europe, so that might narrow it down since i ussually only play at night...
PSN:  NoUseForANameNL
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I'm interested in joining as well... PSN is OGronD
#192 Posted by LiquidSaiyan3 (506 posts) -

I would also like to join the festivities 
PSN: LiquidSaiyan3

#193 Posted by Bucketdeth (8235 posts) -

Add me, my PSN is Bucketdeth.
I may not be on for maybe a week because I'm moving to another town for school and I'm going on a big road trip to montreal. 

#194 Posted by yyZiggurat (1053 posts) -

Is anyone still playing this?  I bought the game today.
PSN:  Niemand-II

#195 Posted by toothd0c (5 posts) -

Sign me up.
PSN = irishclover

#196 Posted by Discorsi (1390 posts) -

me me me!   

#197 Posted by Dcorona86 (3 posts) -

add me please anybody IAMZEEMAN

#198 Posted by Sepultallica86 (203 posts) -

PSN ID: SlipKnoT_90

#199 Posted by fredogairaut (5 posts) -
Please  add me :  Psn id : fredogairaut 
#200 Posted by Josiah_X (52 posts) -
@FrankCanada97: Please add me to this list as well.  PSN ID : Josiah_X       

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