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Bayonetta's demo will be arriving in NA & Europe next week on December 3rd for both 360 and PS3 users  


Sega have said that the upcoming PS3 and Xbox 360 demos of Bayonetta will offer different stages. The content list provided by Sega suggests that the only difference is an extra stage for 360 gamers.  
The PS3 demo comes in at, 1,196MB, and will include a tutorial and "The Angel's Metropolis" level.  
The Xbox 360 demo on the other hand has a  770MB filesize, and will include the tutorial, "The Angel's Metropolis" level, and the "Falling Clock Tower" prologue level. 
From what I gather, things are not looking good for PS3 owners, sadly. The omission of the Clock Tower level looks to be down to it looking a rough around the edges in comparison to the PlatinumGames developed 360 version. This Clock Tower prologue level is said to be extremely intensive on hardware, on both consoles, and that the Sega developed PS3 version seems to pay the notably higher price...

Both versions of the demo will include options for camera, sound and display adjustments.

"It will be more than just a demo that's pulled from the middle of the game. We'd like to make it so that those who've already bought the game will make new discoveries if they play the demo." 

 -Yusuke Hashimoto    
Sega have released three screens for each version. At this size little distinction between the two can be made, but I will post them anyway. There has been a little fuss over the second image in both, as they do look exactly the same!....Make of that what you will. 
Expect the demo to hit in early January in the West.
PS3 version:  

360 version:  

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Good to see your taking a break.  :P

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Can't fucking wait. I don't play online, but I'm gonna get a Gold subscription just to get the demo earlier.

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Games looks virtually the same on both consoles from the look of the screenshots. Game looks pretty meh but I'll download the demo anyway since I've got a feeling I might find something I'll like.

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Judging from those pics, they seem pretty close. I had imagined the PS3 version looking like a pile of poo, as there had been so much talk about the guys developing it.

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Definitely looking forward to this game.  Not sure which console to buy it for though.  But that is  a ways off.

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Here's a pretty sweet video of Kamiya playing Bayonetta. Very Hidekimatic, I must say: 

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How the hell does the PS3 demo have one less level and is 400MB larger?

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@graf1k: Well, don't PS3 games have uncompressed audio? 360 ones don't, so it's possible that that's the reason for the difference in size.
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@Icemael: That makes sense. I hadn't really thought of that and honestly I wasn't even sure that extended to demos.
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Bayonetta's demo will be available on December 3rd for both 360 and PS3 users in North America and Europe. 
The game will launch on January 5th in North America, and January 8th in Europe

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