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Review: Bioshock 2 0

I was not wholly on board with a sequel to Bioshock.  That game was, to me and almost all active members of the gaming community, a very finite and self-contained gem.  A sequel did indeed seem like a cash-in on a lucrative property.  It very well could have ended up that way, but thankfully it did not.  I am a fan of a lot of what the original Bioshock had to offer.  Being a filmmaker, I appreciated the cinematic storytelling and originality of setting.  It is a game that firmly puts...

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Did you like Bioshock? 0

 Then you'll like Bioshock 2! They're really rather similar. The biggest difference is that since you are playing as one of the first Big Daddies, instead of your options being "rescue" or "harvest" little sisters, your options are now "adopt" or "harvest", with adoption requiring you to either drop off the little sister at a port hole for a small amount of ADAM or you set them down near a corpse and defend them from splicers while they gather ADAM for you. I'm a nice guy with a thirst for ADAM...

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You Never Quite Feel Like a Big Daddy 0

The best and worst thing that Bioshock 2 has going for it is that it is more of the same from the first one. On the one hand the mechanics are still solid and even improved upon in this game because you can now "dual wield" your plasmids and your weapon. Atmosphere is pretty good, but it is pretty much the exact same thing as the first game. How many times can I run through a dilapidated city though? The first time was awe inspiring, and this time it just feels a bit tired.    The biggest hype f...

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Review--Bioshock 2 0

I honestly do not know how I feel about Bioshock 2.  Nothing stood out to me as either terrible or great.  The gameplay is definitely an improvement over the last game.  The ability to use weapons and plasmids at the same time streamlines the battles greatly.  The story was in no way memorable.  It was uninteresting for the first 80% of the game.  The ending made up for it slightly but not enough.  The worst part about Bioshock 2 is harvesting with the little sisters.  It makes sense since that ...

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Welcome back 0

Welcome back to Rapture. Bioshock 2 may not reinvent the wheel; it certainly doesn’t pack quite the same punch as its predecessor in terms of storytelling or a sense of wonder, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad in any way. The Developers made improvements where it matters the most: gameplay. As much as you may like the first Bioshock I doubt it was the gameplay that were the primary attraction. Sure the controls was functional, but the main draw has always been the setting and story. Well in Biosho...

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Bioshock 2 0

The most interesting thing to me about Irrational Games taking the Bioshock name and sticking it on a game that takes place in a city in the sky is what it means for this game. When Bioshock 2 was announced (or really just when someone at 2K said there would be sequels), a lot of people complained that the game didn't need it, that its concepts had been explored and its story resolved. I didn't dislike the concept of another game, because I loved the original and thought that more could b...

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It's a "must buy" 0

BioShock 2's campaign is one that you will want to play through again and again, just when you think you're alost done with it... BOOM!... Its not over yet. The multiplayer is amazing to say the least. Weapon and plasmid unlocks, little sister saving, and all the civil war battling you can handle are just some of the things to look forward to. ...

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Better than the first.I recently made comments in my blog about B 0

 I recently made comments in my blog about Bioshock 2 not being as immersive or as engaging as the original… I was completely wrong! The game starts slowly; it's a grinding pace to get through the first 2-4 hours of game play. I found the story at that time very dull. O.k., cool, I'm a Big Daddy… what now? I am trying to get to my little sister that is now grown up? It all seemed rather dull, and I had no expectations that this would last me an entire game. It seemed like a weak premise...

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Bioshort 2 0

Right. This game focuses on Rapture, some years on from the first game. You are a big daddy looking to find your little sister because otherwise you have a massive brain-freeze and die.  Same basic linear environs of the previous game, go here do that, pull that knob, twist that etc. but the control system is so much better this time around. No longer do you have to switch out plasmids to use weapons. It's all about dual wielding. Freeze some splicer in mid air with your winter blast and shotgun...

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Average for a sequel 0

One thing to get straight here is that I respect what this sequel is trying to do. Creating a new story with a new protagonist, adding new gameplay mechanics and a multiplayer mode might sound good on paper, but how it is all executed is just a mixed reaction for me. Let's get the bad out of the way, the story in this game is nothing compared to the original's story and plot twists. Not to mention losing the ability to back track to certain areas of the story is a real let down. Another thing th...

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Bioshock 2 Review 0

It seems everything I review lately is a sequel. The follow-up to the acclaimed Bioshock brings the player   back to Rapture 10 years later as a prototype Big Daddy. One big thing to note, is that generally the gameplay is largely unchanged. The only major change is the hacking mini-game is quicker and not pipe dream anymore. Also, they provided a multiplayer experience that now seems to be a staple for first person shooter experiences. After an opening cut scene sets you on a journey to recove...

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RETURN TO RAPTURE IN THIS WONDERFULLY REFINED SEQUEL!Almost four years have passed since we gamers first got a taste of the underwater utopia of Rapture, in the years that have followed the world of Bioshock as become as loved as any other in the industry. So much so that when news hit that a sequel was in development, many responded angrily claiming that such a classic did not require a sequel. Yet the video game industry is run like any other, through cash and with the original game selling mo...

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Fun, but not that original 0

The first Bioshock was a damn good game, ill give it that. It was fun to mess around with the different plasmids and discover what this underwater world of Rapture was all about. Now Bioshock 2 is among us, and takes place ten years after the end of the first game. The good things about BS 2 are that you can dual wield guns and plasmids at the same time, which makes for some really fun experimentation in combat. I hated being limited to a plasmid or a weapon in the first game, and you can tell t...

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Simply Amazing 0

So I just finished BioShock 2 (obviously) and I was simply blown away. I picked up a –BRAND NEW- copy of the original BioShock back in 2010 while I was used game shopping mainly because I saw it for $9.99. As soon as the game began I was amazed with the graphics and overall feel of the game (especially the music) and after finishing it I just wanted more. This Christmas (2012) I received a copy of BioShock 2 from my older brother (for whom I bought a copy of the original BioShock) and told him h...

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Simply stunning! 0

The first Bioshock was one of the (still is) best games released in it's time. It was simply gorgeous (albeit freaky sometimes) in every aspect from graphics to gameplay mechanics and the big monster bull that made this game, the story! I could not get enough i finished it about 7 times and got all the achievements for it ...... I WANT MORE!   Now Bioshock 2 is to be the successor of one of the highest rated games and had a lot expected from it, with a different studio making the game fans were ...

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An unnecessary, yet amazingly engrossing enjoyable sequel 0

Bioshock 2 was unnecessary, a forced sequel, 2K games attempt to create a franchise where it does not belong. The original Bioshock is a work of genius, an intimate exploration of a failed utopia and the eternal question of free will; it is a landmark in video game narrative and design. But it was complete, a full experience with no expansion required, it told its story and it was enough. And yet a sequel has arrived. I do not envy the developers at 2K Marine, their task was daunting, to build a...

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Good But Not Great 0

This is a really good game but i personally had more fun wit this game then the first one. the story in the first one was better but the controls and weapons in this game were better. but saying that the the first game could have hve sat by it self and didnt need another game but some people needed some money. but the graphics were great and game that you should play if your a FPS fan or lover....

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Lightning strikes twice 0

When BioShock 2 was announced, I was optimistic. It was cautious optimism, but I was excited to hear that we would soon be returning to Rapture. As the release date drew closer and more details emerged I was leaning more and more towards being cautious. How could it live up to, what I think is, the greatest game to come out since this generation started. The original BioShock was the first and only game where, once I finished it, I immediately started it again.  Needless to say, it was hard for...

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Bioshock 2 review (no spoilers) 0

 I finished the game last night and before I go into Pros and Cons, I'll say that I enjoyed this one just as much as the last one. Pros - For those of us that have played Bioshock 1 and are familiar with the gameplay, there aren't many elements that have been changed, but as a friend of mine said, "It wasn't broke, so no need to fix it".The hacking system has been changed into a less time consuming and tedious task, but it no longer pauses the game, so hacking a turret, camera or health station ...

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BioShock 2 Review 0

When the first Bioshock was released more than 2 years ago it was a welcome injection of originality into a bland first person shooter latent market. Finally, Bioshock 2 has been released to bring us back to rapture for a second helping.Andrew Ryan is now gone but rapture remains. A new antagonist, Sophia Lamb, is now in charge of rapture. In the first Bioshock you played as a regular human whose plane crash landed at the gates of rapture. In this adventure you will take the form of a Big Daddy....

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Explore the ocean from the safety of a sequel 0

The original Bioshock came during the gaming nirvana that was the end of 2007. The two things I remember about it from that swirl of gaming was its amazing water effects and the big story surprise that is now part of gaming legend. Bioshock 2 was announced earlier than I would have expected and not by its original developer. These factors didn't leave me all that excited about it. Regardless, after some positive word of mouth and a Steam sale, I decided to pick it up.As is typical of sequels wit...

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An amazing experience 0

I just completed Bioshock 2 after having it as a dust collector in on the shelf for over a year. I can honestly say that it's one of the best game experiences that I have ever had. The atmosphere in the game is just staggering and there are some cool little gameplay twist at the end that I had no idea about at all. In my opinion I think it's better that the first Bioshock.So I you haven't played this game yet you should absolutely do that at once!...

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Bioshock 2: More Bullet Points 0

The sequel to Ken Levine's blockbuster hit BioShock feels like a checklist of sequel gameplay features for a game where the gameplay wasn't the primary reason it was great. BioShock 2 was made to cash in on the popular franchise and it shows in everything from the game's scope, atmosphere and storyline.Here's how I picture the pitch for BioShock 2: "Okay, this time YOU are the Big Daddy but you can use plasmids and guns AT THE SAME TIME! Oh and also there're big SISTERS but they're fast and quic...

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Bloody Brilliant! 0

This is one game that never ceases to impress.  I myself have never played Bioshock 1 and didn't know what to expect coming into it.  Maybe a sub bar fps with some horror elements but it is so much more.  The story of Rapture is intriguing and the aspect of playing as a monster is nice change from the standard human.  Bioshock 2 is unique because it takes elements of RPG games and fps meshing them together in a crazy montage that just plain works.  Sure, you can try and blast your way through en...

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BioShock 2 Review 0

Rapture feels a little different the second time around as you see through the eyes of Subject Delta, one of the cities armoured abominations known as a Big Daddy. Life as a Big Daddy really keeps you slow compared to the splicers. This change isn't all bad as this cumbersome nature does give you the ability to equip plasmids in one hand and a weapon in the other, now making combat actually feel less cumbersome than before. Plasmids are the super powers of Rapture, by collecting ADAM you can pur...

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Ditches the Raynd for Rousseau 0

I love the city of Rapture. A beautiful steam-punk noire metropolis built beneath the ocean, it is an Objectivist utopia in the vein of Raynd. The greatest virtue is to be a man to oneself, an individual not subject to the designs of a widowed world of indolent squalor. The ocean is an uncaring void, a blanket nihilist without a care for the insignificant lice that strive for breathe beneath it's gaze. Man must take for himself what he wills, for it is his will that is all that he has. The only ...

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