Do you want another Bioshock? (spoilers)

Posted by TheSouthernDandy (3908 posts) 1 year, 7 months ago

Poll: Do you want another Bioshock? (spoilers) (103 votes)

Heck yes I do. 26%
No way. 25%
I would be interested to see where they go with it at least. 26%
Not too sure. 17%
Other mother trucker. 5%

I just beat the game last night and just watched the Spoiler cast. Incredible game, I appreciated it even more after listening to the guys talk about it. I thought Brad and Patricks point was interesting though in that if Irrational did another game with a Man a Lighthouse and a City, they will have screwed up.

I see where they're going but I don't myself agree. I can see the danger in it becoming a template they just plug new assets into but I don't see Levine and co. falling into that trap. I think the Man, Lighthouse and City are vague enough that I would totally love to see what the next dimension is like. The whole multiple dimension concept is fascinating to me and having this set up where potentially Elizabeth could possibly show up in further games sounds like it could be super rad.

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I'd prefer Irrational to try something entirely new, but at this point I'm on board for whatever they do.

#2 Posted by Chibithor (574 posts) -

I trust that whatever they'll do next it'll be interesting, if that means another Bioshock then I have nothing against that.

#3 Posted by Colourful_Hippie (4469 posts) -

I personally don't want to see another one but I trust that Irrational would have a really good reason if they decided to go back to that universe.

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I'm not sure. Infinite ended really well and I feel that it would be kind of weird to continue it but I really love Bioshock and I don't want any other team doing it other then Irrational and I would have no problem with another IG Bioshock game. So I don't know what I want.

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I have loved the last two games and would be interested to see what they would do, but on the whole I would prefer seeing Ken Levine try something else - maybe an open world game -especially with his storytelling and world building skills.

However I can see them doing another game as the template they have set up does open up the possibility for a Final Fantasy style series where all the games are in different settings but in someway related through gameplay, style or storytelling.

I think they would be pleasing the publishers more than their own creative impulses were they to do a third Bioshock but they might get themselves in a position, much that Kojima seems to be, that a publisher will only give them the big bucks that they need to realise their vision if they stick to making games which are part of an already successful series, rather than a new IP.

#6 Posted by JasonR86 (9764 posts) -

I'm not sure. I would prefer a new IP over another Bioshock game. But I said that after Bioshock 1 and Infinite is a fantastic game that I'm happy was made. Bioshock 2 was pretty good too. So what the fuck do I know?

#7 Posted by SSully (4278 posts) -

I personally don't want to see another one but I trust that Irrational would have a really good reason if they decided to go back to that universe.

This. I really do not think it would be smart to do, especially given the nature of Infinite's ending, but if they went there then I am sure they have a pretty good reason for doing so.

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I don't want an infinite 2, I know that much. As far as another Bioshock game, though, I think I'd have to see what it is first. I really enjoyed infinite and if they could capture that again I think it would be worth another go.

But I also think they could do something similar without calling it Bioshock. Maybe drop some of what is expected of that name to carry for the next generation.

#9 Posted by metalsnakezero (2341 posts) -

I didn't want this game to be called Bioshock but the way they set it up in the end made sense in the title. If they can do another game using the same name and they can make it work, I say do it.

#10 Posted by mems1224 (265 posts) -

As much as I loved Infinite I would love to see Irrational do something new. I would like to see what Ken Levine does with a real RPG, not an FPS with light RPG elements.

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But not immediately. I wouldn't mind if they took a 5-6 year hiatus from Bioshock and try something new.

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No. But, I said the same thing after the first Bioshock.

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I don't care what it's called or what franchise it's a part of, just give me an environment as rich as Rapture.

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Going with the Claude answer on this one. I'm excited for what Irrational makes next but I think another Bioshock game would be irrational. GET IT?

#15 Posted by _Chad (962 posts) -

Ask me again in five years.

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Yes, but I want them to at least slightly subvert the pattern they explicitly outlined in the game...but really, it needs to be something almost completely different.

#17 Posted by EXTomar (4922 posts) -

Why would one say "No" to the question of "Do you want more games?"

#18 Posted by thebunnyhunter (1473 posts) -

I don't want another Bioshock, just because i don't see how they can continue, but ill gladly have my expectations shattered again.

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@extomar said:

Why would one say "No" to the question of "Do you want more games?"

Quantity != quality.

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Do I want another right now? Nope. Will I in 5 years when it would actually release? Most likely.

#21 Posted by StarvingGamer (8476 posts) -

@extomar said:

Why would one say "No" to the question of "Do you want more games?"

Quantity != quality.

Any quantity > no quantity

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After just playing through Infinite, I think I'm ready for Irrational to retire the "BioShock" name. Infinite's final moments tied everything together and wrapped it with a bow so perfectly that it is more likely to sour all the work they put in to making it to this point by making another BioShock too soon, so I voted "No way!"

I'd love it if they happened to revisit the whole "A man, a lighthouse, and a city" concept, but not as directly as both BioShock and Infinite. A very subtle callback in a spiritual successor would be really nice, though!

Personally I'm ready for a new _____Shock but not another BioShock. At least not in this generation of games.

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I *want* one, sure, but I don't know if there should actually be one, unless they do the dramatic shift like they did between System and Bio.

I feel like Infinite should be the end of the man/lighthouse/city story, at the very least.

#24 Posted by TheMasterDS (2122 posts) -

Now they have an excuse to make a new bunch of shit without changing the name of the series. That's like some fucking holy grail when it comes to keeping a franchise from becoming rote while building a franchise if you ask me. Like Assassin's Creed only more successful. And not annual. Shit. Bringing up Assassin's Creed hurts my position which is hell yeah. I was going to make a great joke about irrational behavior from people who just played a fantastic game in a fantastically new and refreshing world. Get it? Irrational behavior? Funny, right?

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