Activision Is 'Exploring Its Options' Regarding The Future Of Bizarre Creations

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Yes this is why I edited my post like 5 seconds after I posted it. But that's the internet I guess.
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Axedivision strikes again. Soon Blizzard and Treyarch will be the only studios left.
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It seems like everyone is still taking a beating from the recession...

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This is just low.

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This sucks. 
@KarlHungus said:

" Hey guys is Bloodstone ready? Good, lets get it shipped out. OK, the scores aren't the greatest, but they are not bad. Alright guys, good job today and also... you are all fucking fired get the fuck out of this building. NOW!!!  I'm sure that whole ordeal went over terribly. fucking activision... "

 However, why is everyone shitting on Activison? I'm pretty sure Blur and Bloodstone didn't sell well so why would they keep Bizzare around if they just keep losing money. I don't understand why gamers take things so personal when people get fired.
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The mere fact that Geometry Wars is owned by Activision now and well never see another good release makes me sick to my stomach. I hope some GOOD companies get these guys. 
 Remember when EA was the bad guys? Damn, I miss those days.

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This really sucks

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@JohnPaulVann: How was Blur a mistake?  Did it really do that poorly?  (Previous questions were legitimate, as I'm ill-informed, and not just me being an ass)
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The video games industry has got to be one of the most awful industries to work in. Everything is a death march. But, BC did have a good run and PGR2 was a fantastic game, sorry to see them go.

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Just in time for the holidays!  O come all ye faithful, jobless and redundant.

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A great and talented studio. Hard times made harder.

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What does a closing company do for those 90 days?

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This is horrible news. Is Activision becoming just as cut-throat as Microsoft?

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It's like Activision wants me to completely and utterly hate them....
Why not kill a basket of puppies while your at it Bobby?!

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This is one of the first one of these closings that actually made me feel shitty.

#67 Posted by AndrewB (7691 posts) -

Have I missed something key in the news, or did this come out of nowhere?

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Well dayum =/

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My jaw literally dropped when I saw this akin to when Grin went under. 
My best to all the guys and girls at Bizarre. That's a lot of talent out in the wild now, surely they can't stay unemployed for long.

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Best of luck to all the developers, producers, testers, designers, artists, and dude in charge of drawing neon geometric shapes. I've loved your work.

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Real bummer. After beating Blur, I watched the end credits (they were pretty cool), and one of the credits was "Blur Babies", listing all the babies that were born during the development of the game. there were a lot of names....all these people have to support families, I really hope they land on their feet.

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Why does Brad keep stealing my threads? First Diablo 3 console news now this. D:

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This makes me wish i would have gotten blur back in the day. 

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To anyone concerned about the future of geometry wars, remember that its basically a one man project conceved and programmed by Stephen Cakebread. I would love to see him start up a indie game studio or something and continue making absurdly awesome dual joystick shooters, then at least something good will come out of this. Off course this is sad news nonetheless, people loosing their jobs always sucks.  

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THis sucks  these guy made qualituy game(when working withan  orginal ip ) 
PGR, Geometry wars and blur were really good
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In order to stay competitive Activision must re-structure-- aw fuck it there's no way you can PR your way out of this.

#77 Posted by Wacomole (836 posts) -
@DrThePunisher said:
" What does a closing company do for those 90 days? "
Work on their CV and showreel.
#78 Posted by Giantstalker (1729 posts) -

I would expect nothing less of Activision, this article definitely needs a menacing Kotick picture to complete it

#79 Posted by KamikazeCaterpillar (1130 posts) -

This is fucking terrible! Those guys and girls did great work most of the time and they shouldn't have been shut down just because they shipped one game that wasn't so hot and didn't want to port guitar hero or call of duty games.

#80 Posted by MjHealy (1877 posts) -

Well Blur was a failure (commerically) and Blood Stone seems pretty dead so not a huge surprise but still completely sucks.
Now for the mandatory...
"Fuck you Activision!"

#81 Posted by Delta_Ass (3282 posts) -

I guess Blood Stone didn't do that well.

#82 Posted by Evelgest (123 posts) -

Sad to hear so close to the holidays.. perhaps Lionhead or Rare is hiring?

#83 Posted by misfit13b (27 posts) -

This news makes me sad.

#84 Posted by m0rdr3d (472 posts) -

This is like a pinata bursting and, hopefully, other dev houses scramble over each other to pick up the loose candy. Condolences either way to a solid team.

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No more beeeetas.

#87 Posted by Afroman269 (7387 posts) -
@Giantstalker said:
" I would expect nothing less of Activision, this article definitely needs a menacing Kotick picture to complete it "

#88 Posted by BabyChooChoo (4825 posts) -

I am sad to see so many people lose jobs, but I do not mourn the loss of Bizarre.

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What the fuck.  
The word "redundant" makes my rage boil all the more. 

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Wow - that blows. Blur was of my favorite racers - fucking Activision needs to just go away.

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@MoleyUK said:
" @DrThePunisher said:
" What does a closing company do for those 90 days? "
Work on their CV and showreel. "
That make sense. I was thinking they would drink... a lot.
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Bad Times indeed
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Best thing that can come out of this is that most of the studio gets together and forms a new studio. Microsoft owns the PGR name so they could make another.

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Fucking furious about this news. These guys know how to make solid games. Really unfortunate to hear about this. 

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Awful decision by Activision. I was really looking forward to a new Geometry Wars but I guess that Bobby Kotick didn't see the potential of selling a activision made peripheral or a subscription service with their games.

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That's a fucking bummer.

#98 Posted by Wacomole (836 posts) -

Activision make hundreds of millions on MW2 then decimate Infinity Ward.
Black Ops does well so they take out Bizzare.
Any guesses which studio's going to get the chop when WOW:Cataclysm sells bucketloads?

#99 Posted by anterline (73 posts) -

Such a shame...

#100 Posted by Yummylee (22574 posts) -
@MoleyUK said:
" @DrThePunisher said:
" What does a closing company do for those 90 days? "
Work on their CV and showreel. "
Read that as 'work on their Civ' for a second =P.

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