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Bloody Roar 2: The New Breed

Bloody Roar II is a 3D versus fighter where 1 or 2 players can play as a variety of fighters who can transform into larger Beast forms. Each fighter is a Zoanthrope, a human who can transform into a large animal-human hybrid, a combination of the character and their token animal. This second form grants additional power to a player for as long as that power can be sustained. Rock solid graphics and fierce involved fighting are hallmarks of the Bloody Roar series. Some new features in the game since the previous one are: new story modes, 7 new characters, addition to the beast drive, more than 90 drawings in the game, and new cheats, including small head and big head.
Like Bloody Roar, the game was acclaimed for stunning graphics and special effects on the PSone. Both characters could transform and revert from a second form with no loading. Arenas were rendered in full 3D with destructible walls that would wear from collisions. It had directional lighting and shadow. It was also one of the few game to run at a smooth 60 frames per second and ,640x480 resolution on the PSone hardware.    
Most charming of all, was the "player model" feature which made a return form BR1. With it the scale of character models can be changed. "Big Head" mode inflates the size of character's heads while "Kid" mode shrinks characters bodies two half their original size while their head and hands remain the same. Matches are not hampered by this mode and the technical game stays the same. 

Bloody Roar Fighting Mechanic

Gameplay is primarily based on taking advantage of the beast form which make fighters stronger, faster and feature special moves. To regulate a fighters beast form there is a power bar placed in the corner for each player. Players are always given the power to transform at the start of a match however when the bar is blue the character can only fight as a human. Taking and giving damage, both build the blue bar till it begins a yellow bar that overlapping the blue bar. With just a sliver of yellow in their power bar, fighters can transform into their beast form. However the yellow bar indicates how much damage the beast form can take before it depletes and reverts the character to their human form. So player would prefer to build this yellow gauge before transforming.  The yellow bar does not increase while supporting the beast form. Building up the yellow bar without taking too much damage is the balance players consider as they compete. 

Additions to Bloody Roar II

Replacing "Rave" mode from the first game, player can now perform a super move combo by hitting the L1 button while in beast mode. The move strikes multiple devastating consecutive hits. These Super move combos are flashy and showy performances that add a lot of flair to a match despite how experience the players are. They can miss or be defended against. These moves deplete the casters beast gauge.  A lot of balance was implemented when these were added to each character. They also make for stunning reversals during combat!

Returning Characters

New Characters



BR2 was compared to BR1 and many reviewers felt the changes between games were not substantial enough to warrant the sequel. Some complained of three characters who were blacklisted from the series Mitsuko (the female boar), Greg (the ape man), and Hans (effeminate fox guy) and that Uriko and Bakuryu were turned into teenagers. The rest was panned as being more of the same. Ignored were the increase of 11 playable characters versus 8, the addition of unique super beast moves for each character which added depth to the fighting,  and a much improved look and aesthetic of the game.

Arguably, Street fighter may never have become such a successful franchise without it's second iteration Street Fighter 2, and Bloody Roar 2  for PSone does the same job of establishing the primary characters, game mechanics and features that would survive the series till the end. Every iteration after BR2 might be seen as a remake of this game. Later games would still be criticized for not adding enough.  In fact, apart from improved graphics, Bloody Roar 3 for PS2 plays identically to BR2 PSone. Destructible walls, beast forms, four button combat, special moves and combos. Bloody Roar 2 stands as one of the most sophisticated games on the PSone and ages well in comparison to most games on that platform.

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