chaingangsoldier's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Xbox 360) review

Revolutionary in modern warfare games

  • Amazing graphics and environments
  • Incredible online setup
  • Great weapons with tons of attachments
  • Awesome story with a great ending
  • Finally stopped all the WWII shooters
  • Arcade mode is fun


  • Story is very short
  • No co-op


Intro and cutscenes are done very well. Single player and online menus are also great.



Overall, great. Environments look great. Weapons are detailed, and the explosions look fantastic. Character models look realistic and detailed.



One of the most fun next-gen shooters i've played to date. Single player design is great even if short. The online has kept it on the top of XBL leaderboards for half a year. Overall very fun and a great break from WWII.



Gun sounds and explosions are excellent. Character voices are superb. Music is fantastic and fits the mood perfectly.



Easily the best part of the game. The main reason this game has received so much praise. Will keep you coming back until COD5 and beyond. Very detailed weapons upgrades system. Great variety of perks. Maps are detailed and done very well.


Lasting Appeal

As said above, the online will keep most people coming back to the game quite often for a long time.



A must-have title for both the PS3 and 360. One of the best next-gen shooters to date.



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