komme nicht ins online spiel rein bitte hilfe ???

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Call of duty black ops 2 zeigt mir bei der ps3 fehler beim versuch eine sitzung zu finden ???

kann mir bitte jemand helfen ???

lg Maisi

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Is this German? Flagged.

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Yes ! Can you help me ?

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@andreasmaislinger5 said:

Can not access theonlineplaypleasehelp

Callof duty black ops2shows metheps3error whentryingto find ameeting?

cansomeoneplease help me?

#5 Posted by andreasmaislinger5 (8 posts) -

i dont can play online game !

#6 Posted by Jams (3043 posts) -

checken ze router

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Kleiner Tipp: Wenn jemand schreibt "is this german?" versteht der nicht ein Wort.. obwohl evtl einzelne Wörter. Demzufolge macht "can you help me?" keinen Sinn. ;)

Ich kann dir um ehrlich zu sein auch nicht wirklich helfen (denke ich), was ist die genaue Fehlermeldung?

I can't really help you (I think), what's the error message?

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Is this German? Flagged.
No! I want to see a crazy mix of the two.
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checken ze router

Like this!
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Racism coming in 3...2...1...

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@Phatmac said:

Racism coming in 3...2...1...
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Google Translate will get us through this!

Können Sie spielen andere Spiele online?

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router is correct

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Yes all other games can i play

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Fehler Beim versuch, eine sitzung zu finden, ist ein fehler aufgetreten, bitte versuchen sie es erneut

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Oh man....there are literally tears in my eyes right now. I needed this thread today, even though I'm not sure why I think it's so funny. I think it was that "checken ze router" comment.

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Ich wünschte wirklich, ich sprach Deutsch.

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@Ducksworth said:

Google Translate will get us through this!

Können Sie spielen andere Spiele online?

As an Austrian I enjoy this a lot, keep going.

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Ich habe die exact same issue, ich bin frustarted because ze game ist cool.

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I dont know German and dont feel like going to google translate but its a known problem on the ps3, the blops2 forums are full of people complaing about it.

It seems like its an auto ban bug if you leave mid game, either from a hard lock (that seems to be happening alot) or any other reason......but this is just speculation. You might be able to still connect to League play or the Zombies matchmaking, others witht the same problem can play those other two modes....just cant join public matchmaking for the core multiplayer.

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Großartig, einfach mal nen deutschen Thread aufgemacht. :D

Achtung! Blitzkrieg!

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@CptBedlam: do people still use the s set? I've always heard that the german government are trying to get people to just use the double S.

also I totally understood the OP, woohoo

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Wow, didn't know Giant bomb was the german technical support site for blops2. Awesome!

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@Animasta: There are still cases where we use an "ß". It depends on how the word is pronounced. If the vowel before the consonant is "long", then it's still an "´ß". A double-s signifies a short pronounciation of the vowel. For example, Fuß (foot) ... the "u" is long; and Kuss (kiss)... the "u" is short.

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@CptBedlam: my german professor never told me that I want my money back D:

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@andreasmaislinger5: Nein, dir kann hier keiner helfen. Abgesehen davon ist es auch die vollkommen falsche Seite, in der vollkommen falschen Sprache.

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World War 2 Call of Duty games have taught me the following, "Es ist eine Potato Granate!!!!" Those German soldiers really don't like when you throw their own grenades at them.

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Alles hier sind assholes.

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Don't mention the war!

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Considering it's Black Ops2 related, bound to usually see multiplayer issues with it around launch. Apart from what thebunnyhunter wrote about looking on the main forums for the game on PS3 European blogs (and the Black Ops2 website support forums), you might try another account on the PS3 or take the game to a friend that owns a ps3 to see if the problem exists there. Could be something on your account/console or some regional bug that's not seen elsewhere. Good luck!

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Ich hesier 49th. Schizer, das game ist doof!

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oh wait, wrong country

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This is an English speaking forum. Please don't create threads in any other language (apart from klingon. Create threads in klingon all you like).


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