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The Secret of Monkey Island

Carla first appears in The Secret of Monkey Island as the final opponent that Guybrush must face in his swordfighting task. When Guybrush defeats her in insult swordfighting she gives him a T-shirt to show that he was victorious. She later joins Guybrush’s crew in his quest to save Elaine Marley from the pirate LeChuck. However, she mutinises when she finds out that Guybrush only has a crew of three (herself, Meathook and Otis) and a ship that is barely sea worthy (the Sea Monkey). When they eventually arrive at Monkey Island, they all refuse to budge from their deck chairs.

There are two possible things that can happen to Carla while she is on Monkey Island. One is that she remains marooned on the island after Guybrush sinks the Sea Monkey accidentally by catapulting a boulder towards it. The other being that if Guybrush doesn’t sink the ship then she runs out of sunscreen and eventually returns home to Mêlée Island.

Escape from Monkey Island

As seen in Escape from Monkey Island.

Escape from Monkey Island follows the events that Guybrush did sink the Sea Monkey and at the start of the game, Carla and her companions have managed to make it back to Mêlée Island. She loses her house to Ozzie Mandrill in a game of insult swordfighting and becomes homeless. This is the part of the reason why she reluctantly rejoins Guybrush on his quest to Lucre Island and Jambalaya Island because he promises her ‘cushy government jobs’.

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