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A series of open world vehicle based games where the primary objective was to win the race or destroy all the other opponents vehicles before the timer ran out. The primary sources of inspiration for Camageddon were the Mad Max and Death Race 2000 films.  During gameplay you could deviate from the 'track' at any point and find numerous items scattered around the world including power ups, upgrades, money and game time.  The games are also well known for their mindless pedestrians who you could easily mow down with your vehicle which rewarded the player with points, money and gratuitous violence.    Carmageddon, like Mortal Kombat was one of the first games to feature enough violence that it got the attention of parents and ignorant media outlets alike. 

Each Carmageddon had cheat codes, the most popular of which was the infinite time code as it allowed the player to explore and play as they pleased with no fear of running out of game time.    An iconic weapon of the series was the giant spring powerup as it could propel enemy vehicles no matter how big or heavy miles through the air often with hilarious results.
The red skinned man on the cover of the games is Max Damage who was always the character you started off with, his vehicle was the Eagle which was redesigned for every iteration of the series but always featured the colors red, black, grey and had some form of large blades protruding from it.
Carmageddon was also well known for its awesome music as it featured tracks from such bands as Fear Factory, Iron Maiden and Psyburbia. 

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