10 Greatest Power-Ups Ever Concieved From a Videogames Series (in no particular order).

Power-ups can grant players special abilities that aid them in their quest to save the world (again and again). Naturally, this is a tall order so protagonists employ a number of means to do this. This list compiles some of the most useful, amusing and iconic power-ups (and power-up systems) that can be found a videogame series (according to me anyway).

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Posted by Yummylee

No Uka-Uka mask from Crash Bandicoot? D: lol
Posted by eroticfishcake
@Abyssfull: I thought about Crash Bandicoot but somehow the power-ups didn't seem that special to me. The Uka-Uka mask is pretty spunky though. Crash Bandicoot (more specifically 3) is more about abilities then power-ups though since you can always use them when you earn them, which is why I didn't put it on the list.
Posted by GunstarRed

raccoon suits and POWER WINGS! are better than capes and dinosaurs!... but arguing about which mario game has better powerups is pretty pointless. 
awesome powerup in a game  is the potion in zombies ate my neighbours that turns you into a purple monster that can punch giant worm bosses to death!
Posted by ahoodedfigure

You ever play MDK?  That has some pretty interesting power ups.

Posted by RagingLion

A great list concept and execution of it.   Haven't really played enough games to judge whether there's anything particularly missing from here so I can't pass judgment on its content particularly.

Posted by eroticfishcake
@ahoodedfigure:  I've played a demo of it before. Don't remember anything in particular except...nuclear bombs? Enlighten me if you please.
Posted by ahoodedfigure
@eroticfishcake: World's smallest nuclear bomb was one, another was a decoy that was obviously fake (a blow up punching bag with a little wind-up mechanism that has it squeaking around in circles a while before blowing up), and my favorite was an air strike commanded by your pet dog.
Posted by ribeye

nice list man, you had me at spreadgun, and then #2 with the options from Gradius, I knew what you were gonna say before I read it, the options were awesome! 
don't forget metroid, that series had some badass upgrades too 
also ninja gaiden, jump and slash anyone?