Wheres the Lavo's run

#1 Posted by m16mojo2 (390 posts) -

Isn't it at 2pm pst?

#2 Edited by bossman (174 posts) -

I'm wondering the same thing. It said this was the time.

Edit: Never mind its on now.

#3 Posted by Chemin (656 posts) -

Dual thread action over here.

#4 Edited by Elazul (1347 posts) -

I think the bigger question is: why in the name of Zeus' butthole is it subscriber only? It wasn't listed as premium in the upcoming videos section and the rest of the Endurance Run isn't premium either.


Edit: It's been fixed. Please disregard my dumb-ass message.

#5 Edited by FengShuiGod (1517 posts) -

Yeah, I would like to have known it was subscriber only. Is it even supposed to be or did someone make a mistake somewhere? Seems weird for an ER to be that way, especially since live ER's have never been before.

EDIT: Disregard my dumb-ass message too!

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