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 This is Dan Mason.
Dan has lived on Mars for only a year, but in that short time he's become enamored with its vast, open expanse. On the day his brother Alec arrived on Mars, Dan's secret identity as a member of the Red Faction terrorist group was discovered, and he died after resisting arrest, gunned down by an Earth Defence Force helicopter. Dan's death convinced Alec to join the Red Faction and fight for vengeance, but he didn't really have a choice, in truth. After discovering that Dan was a terrorist, the EDF assumed that his own brother would also be in on it and added Alec to the most wanted list.
In the tutorial mission, the only one in which Dan appears, the player can use their sledgehammer to kill Dan. If this is done, instead of the usual Game Over message, the pop up reads " WTF?! YOU KILLED YOUR BROTHER!"

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