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Samanya is an orphan who has lived on Mars her whole life, raised by the desert dwellers known as the Marauders. She is an engineer, and can make weapons and other vital items for you to use in Red Faction: Guerrilla. Samanya's name is Bantu, and she explains to Mason during the game that she chose the name herself, as her family were not alive and able to name her. Her name 'Samanya' means 'The Unknown One'. Initially, she resents Alec Mason for surviving where her friend, his brother Dan, had died, but in time she comes to respect him for what he brings to the resistance, and ultimately falls in love with him as they free Mars together. Samanya and Alec's grandson, Darius Mason, is the protagonist of Guerilla's sequel, Red Faction: Armageddon.

In the first DLC content for Red Faction: Guerrilla, you actually play as Samanya. The pack is called 'Demons of the Badlands', and it is set before Mason's arrival on Mars, when Samanya was still actively allied with the Marauders instead of the Red Faction.

Samanya speaks with something of an English accent, and she is supposedly a great mechanic. She creates weapons and upgrades for Alec and the other members of the Red Faction. Her experience with the Marauders' technology allows her to be instantly familiar with different equipment that standard members of the Red Faction would not. As such she is responsible for handling weapon upgrades for Alec Mason, and among the creations provided, she gives him the Nano Rifle.

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