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Dark Cloud 2, also known as Dark Chronicle, was developed by Level-5 and published by Sony. Just like its predecessor Dark Cloud, the game is a randomly-generated dungeon crawler with town building and weapon synthesis mechanics. New to the series is time-travel. The majority of the game is set in the past, where the player will have to meet certain conditions in order to restore the future to what it once was.


What makes Dark Cloud unique is the ability to upgrade your weapon from a simple wrench to a fearsome weapon. The difference between the first game is that if your weapon broke it was gone forever, this however is not the case in the sequel. This was gladly accepted as people thought that this was too harsh of a punishment, now the player only loses experience. The player collects ABS points to level up their weapon improving their attack power and synthesis points. These are then used to merge with synth spheres to gain extra abilities. Weapon abilities include Attack, Flame, Lightning, Smash, Beast, Durable, Chill, Exorcism, Cyclone, and Scale. When all abilities have been met, the player can build up his weapon, making a better looking and stronger weapon.

As the story unfolds, Max and Monica gain more powerful weapons and abilities to aid them on their quest. New gameplay features that are introduced into the franchise are the ability to change or transform into a secondary character that can be used in dungeons. Max, as an inventor, brings his robot called Ridepod, a slow but formidable fire and defensive power. Ridepod can be upgraded by customizing different body parts from shops or inventing your own. Monica has the ability to transform into monsters, obtaining their special attack and the use of communicating with the same breed.Also townsfolk can be brought with you to help you in dungeons, though not controlled directly they offer items and abilities that are useful and should be taken advantage of.

Though this game is primarlily focused on fighting this is not the only part of the core gameplay. The purpose of searching these dungeons is to gain Geostones. These Geostones are plans that are used to make houses, trees, fences, pots, benches and more. The player collects material to construct these obtained plans, which is called the Georama system. You can place your creation anywhere on the field, but the story will not develop if certain conditons aren't met. The purpose of re-building a town is to restore the future to what it once was.

Also new to the series is the introduction to the game of Spheda. Similar to golf, the player uses a Spheda Rod to hit shards of space-time known as spheres back into the Time Distortion. Time Distortions and Spheres are either colored red or blue. The same colors repel each other, so a blue colored sphere will not go into a blue distortion. To change the color of the sphere, the player can hit it against the ground or walls to change the color.


"Behind its tightly closed gates, a peaceful mining town through which blows a slow, gently breeze holds a mystery for the ages. A young inventor and a protector from the future begin their story here."

"Throughout his many years in town, Maximilian, nor anyone else, has ever set foot outside of town. But the time has come for his long-cherished desire to leave and see the outside world."

Playable Characters



"An inventive young man who possesses a genius I.Q. and is the lone son to one of the wealthiest families in town. Rather than hanging around the mansion, he enjoys working in Cedrice's Maintenance shop and inventing new creations more than anything else."



"A skilled warrior from the future visit the present to Maximillon's time. She skillfully wields a mystical sword and is a master of magic."

Ridepod A.K.A "Steve"

The RIdepod in action

The Ridepod (A.K.A "Steve) is "played character" that can be utilized by Max early in the game. The Ridepod is fully customizable, able to change the weapons, the way the Ridepod actually gets around (I.E. you can change the legs out for track) you will need to invent these upgrades yourself, or buy them from Cedric. The Ridepod is used against certain bosses, along with some heavier trash that appear in dungeons.

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