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Maximilian is an adventurous young boy with a great interest in science and inventing. His mother died when he was young, his Red Atlamillia one of her last momentos.  In  Dark Cloud 2, Max travels around the world with a time-travelling princess named  Monica. He also does not have the best of relationships with his father, Gerald, because Max would rather be a mechanic and an inventor over all else.
Max's favorite food is a potato cake that he eats in order to raise his defense. His main weapon is a  wrench that he also uses to aid in is inventions. His secondary, left-handed weapon is a  gun. The blunt weapons Max uses play homage to the hammer swingin'  Goro and his guns play a tribute to  Osmond, both in the original  Dark Cloud game.
Because Maximillian is an  inventor, his speciality skill is Steve, the ridepod. Who can have sassy dialog, much like  Xiao's rare  slingshot for Dark Cloud, also named Steve. 
In order to be able to create and invent things, Max needs to take photos to get an idea. The inventing process in Dark Cloud 2 involves Max using his  camera and combining 3 different photographs together. Sometimes, he has to rely on speciality photos (scoops given by his friend Donny) in order to invent the better gear.    

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