Update: Co-op mode on PC version now fixed apparently

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Just a heads up to anyone contemplating picking this up on the PC, the co-op is non-functional at this point. Deep Silver is saying it's a priority to fix, but until that happens, especially for a game where half the enjoyment is through playing co-op, I would say hold off and see how this plays out.

I pre-ordered this months ago because I was a big fan of the original, and it had it's problems as well, but I kind of game them a pass because it's a new, interesting IP, but this isn't even a sequel, it's the same engine, same assets for most of it, and somehow they managed to break what is probably the most enjoyable aspect of the game.

Huge bummer, buyer beware.

UPDATE: According to a Twitter post and a couple of posts on the Steam forums, co-op is now working. I won't be able to test it personally until later this afternoon, if so tho, awesome.


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Glad I talked my friend out of buying it then. We'll probably pick this up when it's on sale.

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I was going to pick it up with the same expectations as you had (that it was a fun, if a sort of fucked-up, zombie-killin' game), but I figured I'd wait a while for those exact reasons. Hopefully they patch that up ASAP. What a shitty problem to have in a co-op game.

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According to a developer post on the Steam forums, they plan to have a fix out in the next 4 hours. I guess we'll see.

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