pissedoffthewitch's Demon's Souls (PlayStation 3) review

Not your run of the mill cute fantasy. This game will F*** you up

    Demon's souls developers aren't worried about making their game casual and for everyone to enjoy. They decided to please the more hard-core type of gamers. This game is unrelenting, and would rather smack your hand than hold it. So if your into punishment and love a challenge, or have a fetish for dieng, this is your game.
    The Story does what little it can get a way with and gets out of your way, so you can get to the meat of the game quickly. The starting of the game may seem like a walk in the park but that changes quickly once your past the tutorial. The game is by no means cheap, you'll either die because your not on your toes or because you need to learn a certain pattern about your enemies. 
    Since the game is so brutal, player's are going to need to rely on each via the messages they leave, this may seem pointless but at various points in the game is can mean life or death reading one. The multi-player elements in this game make feel like a mini MMO. You'll see player's spirits running around and see how someone else might have died to give you an idea. The best part, is raiding another player's game. They'll never know when or from where your coming, which adds to the tention. This can also happen to you, making you sit at the edge of your seat waiting for that sneaky player to pop out or attack when you when your hands are full with an onslaught of demon's.
    Demon's souls is a dark, dark, world. There is nothing bright or cheery about this place and you get the same miserable feeling as it's inhabitants. Exploring this world and fighting the major bosses can be rewarding, since the loot in this game seems to get bigger and more exaggerated, which is good. 
    This is a game that is very pleasing and satisfying, at one time a enemy might have been a challenge only later he's just another blood spatter on your armor. It's a game that despite it's difficulty, is very rewarding, even if it's just surviving.

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