mrsomeone77's Demon's Souls (PlayStation 3) review

Atmosphere Winner

A game which finally gave me reason to purchase the PS3 was well worth it. Not only is this one of the scariest games out there due to it's flawless audio and visual execution, but it's also one of the most rewarding action RPG's to come in years. The combat is simple yet highly addictive with intense encounters around every corner. The pure genius lays in it's way of captivating the player into wondering what's gonna happen next. Similar in feel to Castelvania: Symphony of the Night but unique in it's own right. A game you simply can't miss if you own a PS3, or if you love action RPG oriented games in the least bit.


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    Some kind of monster 0

      Demon’s Souls is a game that pushes the boundaries of one’s patience. In fact, scratch that. It doesn’t push the boundaries, it pancakes the boundaries with a monster truck dressed in decal patterned after its box art. And the driver of the truck is the villain from ’s World; the one that envisions an arcade game where players cannot defeat the blob, but will invest hundreds of quarters to figure out how anyways. Demon’s Souls is the kind of game that gets parodied on a show like The Simpsons...

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