Looking for a Dota 2 group? Form a Giant Bomb team here!

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There's a whole bunch of people in the Dota 2 forums searching for team-guys to play Dota 2 with - instead of people having to create a new thread every time they want to find a group, let's just lob everything in here.



Your steam name (Obvs)

Your location and what times you are available to play

Experience (beginner/intermediate/veteran)

Favourite Hero/Role (Support/carry/any/etc)


Also feel free to post any queries below,


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No Idea, I play Windrunner whatever she's good at...

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I'll bite


Beginner (6 bracer build best build)

Usually play support or semi-carry

US West, whenever I have some free time.

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Profile Name: Jacques Volage

Experience: I'm up to the point where I never lose against medium bots! So... *cough*

Favorite Hero: Necrolyte all night long. Because support is where it's at.

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Canada (PST - Evenings)

Beginner (~120 wins, but guess still beginner)

I'm always playing random character. Carry is preferred but support is okay too.

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#6 Posted by deactivated-589cf9e3c287e (1984 posts) -


East Coast United States (Nights and Weekends)

Beginner (Still running with easy bots)

Favorite hero is support/ganker Gyrocopter.

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@mrpibb said:

I'll bite


Beginner (6 bracer build best build)

Usually play support or semi-carry

US West, whenever I have some free time.

Don't fear the reaper, but do fear the burger!

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Steam: Reuski
Location: Europe
Experience: Beginner
Favourite Role: Pusher / Semi-Carry

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Steam: Shadowman

Location: United States - East coast

Experience: Played for a long time but still not great

Favorite Role: Support/Ganker

Favorite Character: I like SD mode but if I had to choose, probably Sand King or Witch Doctor

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Steam: Mageknight

Location: US West

Experience: I've got like 600 hours in Dota 2 (along with probably twice that in HoN), so, uh... "Veteran?"

Favorite Role: Hard to say these days, as now I play a bit of everything. Mostly support and ganker roles, I suppose.

Add me on Steam if you're interested in pick-up games; feel fry to shoot me an offer to play whenever if I'm not doing anything else. I'm mostly looking for cool duders to play public matchmaking with or teach the ropes to. Also, if you haven't already, join the "GiantBomb" chat channel ingame!

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Location: USE / USW

Experience: Veteran

Add me on Steam if you want to play. I'm down to play with whatever skill level of player as long as you are calm, willing to take advice, and learn from your mistakes.

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Steam: SirOptimusPrime


Experience: Beginner (~25 games I think?)

Roles: I'm up for anything, since this is my first time playing one of these things. I've played a fair bit of support Tide though and like the role/hero.

I'm totally fine with someone who can teach me but if you're a complete asshat I'd rather not play with you D:

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I guess I should probably fill one of these out myself, huh?

Seam: Sweep360

Location: EU, but play on US East regularly

Experience: Veteran, I guess?

Roles: Anything and everything, though my favourites are Meepo, Batrider and Puck.

EDIT: Anyone sending me a friend request please send me a PM here first just so I know who you are. I get loads of idiots spamming me for my sweet dota loot :D

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#16 Posted by Sweep (10159 posts) -
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@sweep: Looks like US only... sodas

Is the IHL still going? Noticed a decent amount of people in the giantbomb group last night, but no real conversation.

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Steam: Irontide

Location: Australia (New Zealand, really).

Experience: Beginner

Roles: Support, Jungle -- Dark Seer, Axe and Jakiro are my favs.

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#19 Posted by yoshimitz707 (2539 posts) -

@sweep: Tell that to your protein shakes!! But no, I'm just messing with you.


Steam: yoshimitzu707

Location: Vancouver, Canada. That's PST and my play times are pretty random but usually during waking hours.

Experience: Beginner, I'm complete shit at this game!

Roles: I don't know yet. Still figuring out characters I like.

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Hi guys, I like DOTA2 but random asshats on the internet made me stop. Looking to get back in with the GB Community.

Steam: yapapanda

Location: US East (Most of the time

Experience: Intermediate? Its been a while

Roles: Carry or Pusher

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@mrpibb: That's a question for @rb_man, he's the dude with the plan.

The ingame chat is pretty quiet yeah, but I added a bunch of people to my friends list and there's usually enough guys online to form a matchmaking team.

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@mrpibb said:

@sweep: Looks like US only... sodas

Is the IHL still going? Noticed a decent amount of people in the giantbomb group last night, but no real conversation.

The IHL is dead in the water. Because of me being sick for 2 weeks and then someone else in my family being sick for 4 weeks after that. By then everyone had scattered and what not. So it just kind of died. I have been think of starting a new one but it behind other stuff I have to do for real life.

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Steam: Mysterious Onion

Location: US East

Experience: Veteran (But that doesn't mean I win all my games!)

Roles: Anything

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Locale: US West

Experience: Shitty but not quite noob.

Roles: Support, (sometimes) carry.

Lets do this.

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#25 Posted by BabyChooChoo (6500 posts) -

Steam: Baby Choo Choo

Location/Time: US East and I'm if I'm online and not playing DotA2, I'm probably available to play

Experience: Intermediate to Veteran I guess? How is this calculated? I know what I'm doing, but there's still plenty of room for improvement.

Favourite Hero/Role: Favorite heroes are Mirana and WR atm. Favorite role sorta just depends on how I feel that day lol, but I can say with some degree of confidence I dislike playing most of the hard carries.

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@rb_man: Hope everything is well. Family comes first.

Finally got my head above water, so I'll prob play a couple of games tonight ~9pm PST. Definitely low level MM so don't expect craziness but I'm up for stacking or doing in house if we have enough people.

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Steam: MariachiMacabre

Location: Central US. Whenever I'm online is fine.

Experience: Beginner. Literally got an invite 2 days ago and have never played a MOBA before.

Favorite Hero: So far the most interesting one I've used was Broodmother but I haven't tried enough to say. I'm fucking terrible, you guys. Help me.

Edit: After playing as Tidehunter for a match, I also like him. But I still went 0-6 against Easy bots.

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Steam: bemusedchunk

Location: Eastern US - usually on in the afternoon/evenings.

Experience: Beginner. Played matches with friends, but too afraid to play against "internet strangers".

Favorite Hero: Skeleton King, Sven, Warlock. I'm still trying out everyone to find out which ones "click".

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Steam: Cloudenvy

Location: EU West

Experience: Around 40 hours, so decent I guess?

Favorite Hero: Lina all the tiiiiime.

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#31 Posted by YI_Orange (1330 posts) -

Anyone playing consistantly? I've been fighting an urge to give DotA 2 a shot since I got burned out on LoL(same 20 champs every match whoo!) I don't really wanna jump in without a group of people to play with though.

Steam: YI_Orange

Location: US East

Experience: Used to play plenty of DotA in WC3, but haven't for years. I played a good bit of LoL. I know my way aroud a MOBA so if people need some help with the general practices of the genre I can help with that, I have to relearn the hero interactions and items for DotA 2, though I'm sure I know basic build theories and such.

Favorite Hero: N/A. I haven't played DotA 2 yet. In the WC3 map I played pretty much everybody and was at least decent with most of them. That's how I like to play. If I join up with a group I'm not looking to get dropped into playing one role all the time or being locked out of a role. I don't care how good anyone is, I just want versatility.

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Anyone can add me and send me game invites. I have fallen into a dark hole.. :)

Your steam name: Zombelushi

Your location and what times you are available to play: East and West Coast Servers and 7pm(central time) to sunrise.

Experience: Beginner (but I understand the mechanics and my role)

Favourite Hero/Role: Treant Protector, love support roles.

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#33 Posted by Sweep (10159 posts) -
No Caption Provided

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Your steam name VidyVidya

Your location UK - 6 pm - 3am

Experience intermediate

Favourite Hero/Role any

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#35 Posted by llamaegg (245 posts) -

Your steam name: Nublet the Cow

Your location: Western Canada, don't really want to throw a time down as it all depends on when I'm working.

Experience: Beginner in Dota 2 (only like 6 hours played), but have a good chunk of experience from LoL.

Favourite Hero/Role: Typically I enjoy playing support, but I'm finding myself really enjoying Luna.

Come, play some dumb games with me, I'm 120% Terrible, 100% of the time!

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#36 Posted by WhiteBrightKnight (170 posts) -

@sweep said:
No Caption Provided

INB4 Cardinal Sins 35-0 Kunkka

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Steam name: Chainreaction

Location: US Midwest, times vary since I'm in college.

Experience: Intermediate in terms of mechanics but I'm beginner overall since I tend to play random heroes

Favorite Role: Any, as I said I tend to go random and let fate decide.

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#38 Posted by YouMakeKittyMad (37 posts) -

Steam name: GoneSerious

Location: US-E. my playing times depend on the day and my rehearsal schedule. usually evening/late night EST, but sometimes early afternoon also.

Experience: beginner/intermediate? whatever 187 wins with a ~50% WR counts as

Favorite Role: Any, though playing the 5 spot isn't my favorite.

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#39 Posted by idBloc (133 posts) -

Steam name: Alba <3 Cornichons

Location: US-W

Experience: In-game millionaire confused by the large amount of items in the shop - beginner

Favorite role: carry / nuker :>

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Steam: m1k3ines

Location: US-West

Experience: No Dota 2. Support / AD Carry from LoL (Sona/Cait/Teemo)

Fav role: Support / Carry i guess

Dont know how much ill play (maybe a lot if i can find people to play with). Had Dota 2 since beta but played 1 game. Willing to give it a shot.

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if i joined this group with the express knowledge to others that i would suck pretty fucking badly my first few (or more) times, would everyone give me the third degree if i make a stupid mistake or 5?

cause after bombcast/TNT i kinda really want to play this. :(

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#42 Posted by mrpibb (480 posts) -

looks like a couple of the devs are interested (not going to name names), but will try and get a couple of them into games this weekend. Might be as simple as bot games to do some last hit practice but people are welcome to join in if you see us online. Maybe we can get some "fun inhouse games" (oxymoron I know) in to start the addiction.

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Steam: onikagei

Location: UK

Experience: few games under my belt. know my way around a match. but not a lot of experience

Favorite Hero: EIther lifestealer or omniknight. got into clinkz as well.

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Steam: golguin

Location: California

Experience: I've never played the game (just completed the introduction tutorial thing a few hours ago), but I have played Diablo 3 (Inferno up to Ghom) and Torchlight 1 and a bit of Torchlight II.

Favorite Hero: None, but I played a Demon Hunter in Diablo 3 and a Vanquisher in Torchlight. I want a hero that plays like them. I want to be a ranged sniper/arrow chick.

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#45 Posted by elfangor01 (2 posts) -

Steam: Elfangor01

Location: Texas

Experience: I've played a bot match once.

I'm really new, but I'm a quick learner. I'm mainly looking for a group of dudes to teach me and play often with

My schedule is Saturday before 5:00 PM and Sunday all day.

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Steam: Zombijedi

Location: Seattle, WA

Experience: Played a bit of the original DOTA

Played a bit of original DOTA in college and after watching the TNT I wanna get back into it and looking for people to hang with :)

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Your steam name: Ravelle

Your location and what times you are available to play: Europe, Netherlands UTC+1

Experience : Played LoL now and then, and played a couple of matches with some buddies, still learning the game at this point.

Favourite Hero/Role: Still trying out different characters.

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#48 Posted by ArbitraryWater (14624 posts) -

Steam name: ArbitraryWater

Location: US West, MDT

Experience: Pretty decent at LoL, I've played exactly one bot match of this game and clearly still need to learn the ropes.

Favorite Hero: Do they have junglers in this game? Can I even do that?

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Steam Name: KeV

Location: Europe (Germany), but playing on EU East is not an issue most of the time

Experience: Almost 500 Hours in Dota, but most of that is from watching tournaments. I might not be the greatest player, but i have insight in many abilities and playstyles. That gives me the neat little ability to read enemy attempts und actions very well.

Favorite Hero: Mostly supporters, like Lich, Keeper of the Light or Disruptor.

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steam name:monsieurwinks

location: CST, night , weekends

Experience: beginner

Favorite Hero/Role: learning sven and tidehunter

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