E3 2009 Game of the Show

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Christ I have never seen a poll with so many options.

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Uncharted for me!

ps. I think game of shows need to be playable. 
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@Red said:
" What would you say your most hyped for game is after [the majority of] E3? "
OK then... still uncharted :P
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Mass Effect 2. The darker tone is great and is seems like they are going to fix the crappy stuff(side missions and technical issues). Second would be Conviction.

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No Crystal Bearers :S

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Personally, Metroid: Other M stole the show.  Huge surprise, awesome trailer.

And how New Super Mario Bros. Wii or Alan Wake didn't make the cut on your list baffles me.  Just saying.

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Where's Castlevania? My pick was obvious, but it should be an option

(edit: GB needs to create the option for users to add choices to polls. every poll on this site seems to be missing an obvious answer. 
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While I'm Mr. Mass Effect 2, Splinter Cell is the game I'm most hyped for.

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How could you not put Alan Wake in that pole.

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3 games caught my eye.

- The Last Guardian
- Uncharted 2
- God of War 3

I got a PS3 off my mate cause he swapped it for weed last year and I havn't ever used it apart from playing Socom and I'm a PC guy but funny enough the 3 games that looked great were on the PS3.

Never liked Halo
Never liked GT
Never liked Splinter Cell
Didn't like Ass Creed and Swtor is gonna be a dumbed down easy mmorpg thats all zoned and instanced up so ain't interested in that.

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I have to go with Splinter Cell, i loved all the past game and this one seems to be a lot better

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Splinter Cell. That game is pure stealthy goodness. 

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Where's Just Cause 2?!?!?! Besides that, I may vote Splinter Cell: Conviction because it really looks like it is bringing back the franchise in full force.

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Splinter Cell: Conviction because it was so damn suprising and so damn awesome

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the Beatles: Rock Band looks great

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@Pantalooney said:
" I have to go with Splinter Cell, i loved all the past game and this one seems to be a lot better "
Yep, game of the show. Total surprise.
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I vote Uncharted 2 but there were others in the running.

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just cause 2 just because i expected next to nothing from it and the demo was 100% amazing

then i would give it to Splinter Cell

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Splinter Cell: Conviction
They just totally blew me away, I was not expecting such greatness, to be honest I'd completely forgotten about the game.
The overhall they've gone through is great; it just looks like it'll be great :)
Big surprise for me, just aweomse and i love splinter cell and Sam Fisher!

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Raven Squad imagine a FPS and a RTS at the same time!!!
#22 Posted by Flabbergastrate (381 posts) -

Lack of NMH2 on that list dissapoints me. Assassin's Creed 2 it is then.

#23 Posted by VitaminWaterYum (484 posts) -

No Just Cause 2 sets it to Crackdown 2, but lack of Crackdown 2 gameplay at E3 leads sets it to ME2.

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Either MW2, GoW3 or Uncharted for me.

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Picked Mass Effect 2, b/c I was already super hyped for it and seeing it in action was sweet.
That being said, as other people said Splinter Cell: Conviction came so far out of left field
I can't help but be exited for it. Which is saying alot since I've never given a danm about the
series b4.

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I'll just copypaste what I wrote in the Mario trailer thingy

Super Mario Galaxy was one of the best gaming experiences I've had over these 25 years and was a sublime stroke of genius on all levels. The nostalgia was there, the innovation was there and the love was there.
I still haven't enjoyed a game on my 360 or PS3 more than that even though I use them a whole lot more than my Wii."  "

Seriously, my balls are puckering on the very idea of more Mario Galaxy.

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I'll be damned if Uncharetd 2 didn't look as one of the best cinematically driven games i have ever seen. Totally amazing. 

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@Cirdain said:
Raven Squad imagine a FPS and a RTS at the same time!!!

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It's easy to just choose Uncharted or God of War 3 but I think those are both just as we should of expected and will be two of the best games of this generation, but I choose something that surprised me.  The Beatles Rock Band, when I first heard of it I thought it would just be another Rock Band with Beatles music and wow, they really did some very awesome stuff.

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It's hard for me to decide when I haven't played most of these.  Game of the show usually refers to a 'game', but that Gran Turismo 5 video was a nice surprise, and they seem to be doing interesting things.

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Splinter Cell Conviction, New Super Bros Wii, DiRT 2, and Uncharted 2 all had excellent showings, and I'm stoked that Super Mario Galaxy 2 will happen, but in the end I must say that Shadow Complex is the game of the show for me. A action shooter metroidvania that I never saw before Monday, and I only have to wait a couple months for it.

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@Cirdain said:
" Dude
@Cirdain said:
Raven Squad imagine a FPS and a RTS at the same time!!!
Like Rainbow Six then? Hopefully just as good.
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Mass Effect 2 had the most exciting E3 coverage and reveals.  It is tied, for me, with Modern Warfare 2 as the best looking game of E3.

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Just Cause 2.

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