How much would you pay to watch Dave, Vinny, and Drew play this?

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#1 Posted by kingofpeanuts (479 posts) -

I would be willing to pay an extra 10-15 dollars a month for a weekly 1-1.5 hour series with pleasure. It might be boring but I would watch every episode with pleasure.

#2 Posted by McGhee (6075 posts) -

Zero Bradbucks.

#3 Posted by Grixxel (773 posts) -

As much as I love the guys and the videos they do, this seems like a horrible idea. So I would pay an amazing amount of zero.

#4 Posted by JasonR86 (9753 posts) -

@McGhee said:

Zero Bradbucks.

Fucker you took my answer.

#5 Posted by Jimi (1126 posts) -

I thought the whole point of the subscription was that you had access to everything. So nothing.

#6 Posted by Nightriff (5660 posts) -

Um I already do, it was 50 bucks a year. And they can play whatever the damn well want too. No one messes with Flight Club!!! You hear me? No one!!!

#7 Posted by McGhee (6075 posts) -

@JasonR86 said:

@McGhee said:

Zero Bradbucks.

Fucker you took my answer.

Tee hee.

#8 Posted by Grilledcheez (3983 posts) -


#9 Posted by selbie (2015 posts) -

$120 extra a year just for one feature?

I am error.

#10 Edited by GorillaMoPena (2519 posts) -

1 penny

#11 Posted by Kidavenger (3681 posts) -

You guys should know that maybe one interesting thing happens per year in that game, the rest of the time it's insanely dull to play it; I can hardly imagine how terrible it would be to watch someone else play it.

#12 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6318 posts) -

Only if they use the flight stick.

#13 Posted by BraveToaster (12588 posts) -


#14 Posted by Marz (5680 posts) -


#15 Posted by Leptok (942 posts) -

I'd like for them to get a ringer in and do a QL, but I dont think they could do a series.

#16 Posted by Korwin (3189 posts) -

@Leptok said:

I'd like for them to get a ringer in and do a QL, but I dont think they could do a series.

Dave already knows how to play Eve,

#17 Posted by xXxLYNCHxXx (162 posts) -

That would be great!

#18 Posted by DrDarkStryfe (1174 posts) -

It isn't exactly a fun game to watch.

#19 Posted by me3639 (1881 posts) -

Zero, however for at least a quicklook from all them once a week a dollar or 2.

#20 Posted by Srah (86 posts) -

I would LOVE to see some eve shenanigans. Even a quick look-esque video or some interviews with the goon swarm.

#21 Posted by YoungFrey (1321 posts) -

I'd like to see them in real play. I don't want to see them solo "leveling". Mining, missioning, or scanning. I wouldn't pay anything extra for it, but if they actually tried to play instead of the usual Bombcast "that game be crazy yo", I might enjoy it.

#22 Posted by kindpixel (2868 posts) -

I already pay, why would I pay more for them to play a game that they (may) want to play?

#23 Posted by Oldirtybearon (5017 posts) -

I'd rather they dedicate a podcast (whatever length is appropriate) to following EVE news when Goonswarm fucks everything up again. Hearing about the stories from EVE is fascinating and enjoyable.

Playing EVE is another story entirely.

#24 Posted by Hector (3382 posts) -

I would let them use my account.

#25 Posted by MikkaQ (10346 posts) -

Not a penny, sorry.

I'd fucking watch the hell out of it though.

#26 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (3948 posts) -

Hundreds if thousands!

#27 Posted by benspyda (2055 posts) -

I'd pay $30 for the boxset.

#28 Posted by joshthebear (2700 posts) -

All of it.

#29 Posted by Leptok (942 posts) -
@Korwin said:

@Leptok said:

I'd like for them to get a ringer in and do a QL, but I dont think they could do a series.

Dave already knows how to play Eve,

Yeah, but someone who is currently playing and knows what is going on.
#30 Posted by kyrieee (379 posts) -

It might be fun for them to do a quick look of it, but not much more than that. I've played EVE for years and what's interesting isn't what's happening on the screen. Even in combat the most important thing to look at is essentially a spreadsheet. If they played EVE and just talked about their experiences that'd be cool, but raw unedited game footage would bore the hell out of people.

#31 Posted by Venatio (4497 posts) -

@McGhee said:

Zero Bradbucks.

#32 Posted by Vanek (384 posts) -

What would I pay? ... $0

It looks like a complicated game and let's be honest, that never goes well. It always ends up more frustrating to watch the anything else. >.>

#33 Posted by Renahzor (1006 posts) -

The problem with EVE is these news stories revolve around the meta game as much as anything that happens ingame. The game itself would actually be quite hard to do an entertaining playthrough of on video. The high profile thefts, big game events, etc are all sort of isolated to their own thing, so any one person may see absolutely no effect at all, and the nullsec powerblocs do a lot more than most people will ever get into. Its a few guys pulling the strings and making things happen a lot of times.

I'll give the Burn Jita event as an example. The lead up to this was the Mittani getting drunk and being dumb at fanfest, we've all said dumb things. His enemies ingame, and people who just don't like Goonswarm made a big deal out of it(in part) and helped get him pushed out of CSM. That made him mad, he decided to run "Burn Jita" as a way to affect the game, and goons built up a crap ton of cheap expendable ships to "suicide gank" whatever came through the main trading hub for a few days. A person ingame would only see the last effect of this, and only if they happen to be using Jita at the given time. If you wanted to see the event in a cloaked ship it's possible, but you'd just see a few space explosions, nothing seriously exciting would happen.

The whole thing has now evolved, with Hulkageddon V starting up with Goon sponsorship (paying prizes for people to go out and blow up mining vessels), and Mittani making something called OTEC, obviously a play on OPEC. They're getting involved with price fixing of a specific, very important resource only made in nullsec, which will trickle down and affect the entire game economy. While the details of how, why, and what is actually being done may be fascinating and make a good article, seeing it ingame is difficult, and at most you might see a spike in prices for certain items. The meta game is what's really intriguing, not necessarily how it plays out.

Ingame events that are cool to watch include the alliance tournament, Large fleet battles, powerblock wars that result in big capital ship fights, and PvP etc. All of these can be hard to catch and cover as someone wanting to make a video series about the game, with the exception of the once a year alliance tourney.

#34 Posted by Eurobum (253 posts) -

EVE like any other MMO has PVE which is rather accessible and generic (carebears) and deep PVP (pirates). PVP requires encyclopaedic knowledge of ships, tactics, speeds, load-outs etc. as well as many resources and some preparation. A series would only work if they brought someone along who is in deep, also EVE with peaking 40k concurrent players is a shadow of its hayday of over 200k.

Unfortunately great EVE-videos also eclipsed, before youtube upped the quality, finding and downloading them is a pain in the ass now, but there are some streams.

#35 Posted by Renahzor (1006 posts) -

@Eurobum: actually the current all-time record of concurrent logins is like just over 60k. They also continue to grow the subscriber number, last I read somewhere around 350k. Its also all one one shard, more concurrent users on one shard than any other MMO I believe.

#36 Posted by Jrinswand (1713 posts) -

Absolutely nothing. I couldn't care less about EVE.

#37 Posted by Bollard (6038 posts) -

If they did a sub only ER of this for some time, I would immediately re-sub. Immediately.

#38 Posted by Gaff (1969 posts) -

Absolute zero.

And I'm seriously curious if any of these "EVE Endurance Run / Flight Club!" people have ever played EVE?

#39 Posted by Breadfan (6590 posts) -

$0. I already pay for premium shit, yo.

#40 Posted by david3cm (636 posts) -

@BraveToaster: Free 99! Thats my dog! Now I can throw away my bus pass and shit!

#41 Posted by Karlif (46 posts) -

Zip. Zero. Zilch. Zippity do da!

#42 Posted by Renahzor (1006 posts) -

@Gaff: I think that's the real problem, those of us who are deep in already know it wouldn't make great video. lol

#43 Posted by fox01313 (5089 posts) -

I'd just want one of them to give a weekly update on the crazy space madness in Eve Online for free instead.

#44 Posted by Eurobum (253 posts) -

@Renahzor said:

@Eurobum: actually the current all-time record of concurrent logins is like just over 60k. They also continue to grow the subscriber number, last I read somewhere around 350k. Its also all one one shard, more concurrent users on one shard than any other MMO I believe.

I used to hate on EVE, but then they got rid of "learning" skill, added a queue. Do you happen to know how long it would take me to learn (all) the skills, is it still half a decade?

#45 Posted by insane_shadowblade85 (1587 posts) -

If they were to even consider playing this I'd want Dave at the controls since he's been on record saying that he's played this before.

#46 Posted by BrockNRolla (1694 posts) -

Yeah, I pay already, so no more for Eve.

#47 Posted by Cronus42 (284 posts) -

@insane_shadowblade85: Vinny has as well, but I remember Dave being the one with the most time in it.

#48 Posted by Renahzor (1006 posts) -

@Eurobum: long enough that it will never happen, its somewhere between 20-30 years to get every skill to L5. you're never intended to max all skills, you're intended to try a bit of everything, and specialize in 1 or 2 areas at a time.

#49 Posted by Arker101 (1472 posts) -

@Grilledcheez said:


#50 Posted by Brendan (8371 posts) -

$10-15 per month? Holy hell dude...

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