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A Great Game if You Want Something Different 5

Eve online is a game based entirely in space where you can create your own persona in an online universe, piloting different space ships and making allies. Gameplay: The only thing you need to play this game is the mouse. Everything in the game including combat, mining, traveling, making trades, and constructing objects requires you to either point and click or right click and select the appropriate option. Now this sounds boring and impractical but the first time you fight multiple enemies at o...

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Mature MMO 0

Please read g0rd0nfr33m4n’s review for a more detailed one. I want to chime in with another good score for the game.I played a trial an unknown number of years ago and was not patient enough. I played another trial the winter of 2011 and logged 30 hours in 14 days. I had matured, although I wasn’t ready to subscribe to an MMO yet. I had single player games I wanted to complete. I waited another year. I played EVE Online for a few months last winter and racked up 251 hours according to Steam.I es...

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EVE is attractive, but has too little reward-cycle for me 1

As of March 2009, EVE Online is undeniably the most successul space-mmo. Their attractive spaceship designs, lighting, and lens-flare grace the advertizing on many game-related websites. The game has been dubbed 'space opera' by many, possibly because of the opera-like cadence of missles and lasers firing from ship-to-ship during battle. It offers some unique gameplay unlike any other game, however, for this author and fan of MMO, RPG, and RTS games it falls short for one glaring reason, the gam...

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