septim's Fable III (Xbox 360) review

The Epic that Wasn't

There are so many delightful moments in Fable 3 that it almost makes you want to forgive its fuckups. Unfortunately clever writing, and charming voice acting only go so far when the gameplay is monotonous. 
Journey to the glorious land of Albion! Experience the wonderous caves, sewers, tunnels, catacombs, and assorted other cramped spaces. And then just when you think to yourself, "they're can't possible be anymore tunnels..." you get to RE-EXPERIENCE the same tunnels for a second, third, or even fourth time!
Luckily you'll have plenty of enemies to keep you busy. And by busy, I mean, press one of three buttons to watch your dude spastically animate the longest animation chains you've ever seen. Once you've mastered the art of the single button press, your weapons level up. "Does this make the animation chains even longer!?!?" you ask, You bet your sweet ass it does.
The story is told in fits and starts. Occasionally it's extremely clever, other times it's very cliche and manipulative. Am I really meant to care about an NPC I've met less then five minutes ago? But then there are a few moments that effectively pulled my heartstrings.  
Once you get to a certain point in the game, it gets really good for a while. Basically because it stops being the game it starts and ends as. Unfortunatley this stint is all too brief.


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