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FIFA 10 is currently the best football game on the market 0

  FIFA 10 is arguably the best football game on the market. It just does everything right. It has great gameplay, it has a tonne of licensed leagues, and it has a plethora of modes. If you are looking for a football game to sink hours of play into, FIFA 10 is the game you should get, easily beating Pro Evolution 2010, a game that, when played side-by-side with FIFA, feels decidedly archaic and clunky. EA's latest effort is simply the definitive football game.     Free kicks are quite easy ...

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A big let down by EA this year! 0

  Just like every year, I was eagerly waiting for the release of FIFA 10. And, when I had the game in hand I was fairly disappointed that EA released an unfinished version for the PC gamers.   The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are perfectly fine but with all new game engine and graphical improvements. PC version do have the improved game engine but when it comes to the overall graphical shininess, FIFA 10 will make drag you back to its few years old release. What they should’ve done is wait few mor...

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This really is the beautiful game, EA have got it down to a tee. 0

  Wow, what a turn around the FIFA series has been since the launch of the Xbox 360. FIFA 07 on the 360 laid down the foundations for EA's ambitious new gameplay engine and FIFA 08, and last year's FIFA 09, have come very close to perfecting next-gen footy. Now FIFA 10 is here, have EA finally created the perfect footy game?Not quite, but it's still bloody brilliant.OK, since they are so minimal, let's get the few bad points out of the way first. The Manager Mode has some pretty annoying bugs at...

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The Finest FIFA Game To Date 0

Alot of FIFA games in the past have been identical to their predecessors with the exception of updated squads and slightly better graphics. FIFA 10 however has quite a different feel to it when compared to previous games. This is mainly due to the introduction 360 degree dribbling enabling the player to have a much better sense of control over the ball.  While this is the main new feature of FIFA 10 that enhance the gameplay, smaller additions such as more realistic ball phisics, less cutscenes ...

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The Beautiful game 0

Just incredible. The 360 controls are a touch of genius, defenders act realistically, attackers make runs and are always looking menacing. The authenticity is better this season, but I often find Arsenal in 12th and Portsmouth in 3rd so for this  I have to knock half a star off but it's as close to the real thing as possible while making a 6 minute half feel as action packed as the full 90. Bravo to you EA Canada!...

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Fifa 10 review 0

   Would you trade something for greatness??? This is the question that I feel has to be put to the Fifa team, as this is how close they were to making a football game that could have stood the test of time!!! As we stand Fifa 10 its just a good football game probably one of the best the Fifa team have made but just short of being one of those games you talk about for years to come.... So what is the problem I hear you ask? Well its little things mostly and maybe one big one! Let’s start wi...

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Viva la Vida FIFA 0

I will state, up front, that I am not a fan of soccer. I love baseball and football, and watching soccer bores the crap out of me. I will also state that I have played baseball, football and soccer. However, you may note that I said watching soccer bores me. The playing of soccer is beyond my abilities unless speaking of the FIFA video game, and interests me to no end.   For the Wii, this game provides a chance to take over your favorite team and lead them to victory. This game takes on a sort o...

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UT 0

FIFA Ultimate Team is a very time consuming addon that provides you with the additional 250 gamer score for 400 MS Points. This is very time consuming to work on getting the best players available. To do this you purchase "packs" of cards via the in-game currrency (coins) or via MS Points. In this packs you get an assortment of players, kits/badges/stadium/balls and various consumable cards which you can keep and use your send to the in-game auction house style system in which people trade cards...

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FIFA Soccer 10 - Quick Review 0

and it is time for - FIFA Soccer 10.  I live in Toronto and I called 3 Ebgames near my home after school and 2 of them had the game sold out.  It was 7pm and there were a total of 4 good looking dudes (that of course, includes me) lining up for the greatest job on earth (Well, one of the greatest). So lets cut the crap, here is the quick review for you football fans. (I know it's soccer, but you know, the game is played in the English way, period.) Here are the some of the crucial changes that ...

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FIFA 10 Review 0

If you have liked FIFA in the past there is no reason that you won't like this with focus on the control of players and a more in depth manager mode. After last year’s iteration being a huge success FIFA 10 had to at least reach the bar of quality FIFA 09 delivered. However on first look you may be deceived as if it wasn't for the big FIFA 10 logo you may think you have bought the wrong game, but it is only until you start to play can you feel the subtly differences that has created a more flui...

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