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Video Review: Not Very Good 0

Video ReviewI should put a disclaimer explaining that I'm not a huge fan of fighting games in general and Fight Night Round 4 could be classified as "a fighting game" even if it doesn't have fatalities or world champion street fighters. I purchased Round 4 when I had disposable income and realize now it was a very poor purchase. Although these days the game is probably $10 dollars, which seems about right for how much it should cost....

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Technical foul 0

  The world has changed in the three years between Fight Nights Round 3 and 4. We have gained a black president and lost a white Michael Jackson. Mixed Martial Arts has risen to prosperity as the hippest trend amongst $50 skull-design-shirted males aged 15-young enough to be with it. On the other hand, boxing’s overall popularity has further waned, with few possible new stars capturing the public’s imagination, and boxers becoming less interested in world titles than booking the biggest catch-we...

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Showdown at the KO Corral 0

Nothing beats watching that slo-mo right hook to the face over and over as your current nemesis drops to the canvas.Fight Night Round 4 was a pleasant surprise with intuitive control mechanics and deep, white-knuckled strategy.This is one game in which stats really do matter, as you can often tell just by first glance, what sort of tactics you're going to want to use.  You can quickly find out if your opponent has trained for power or stamina, has long or short reach, or a weak chin, and work to...

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Getting better with every round. 0

Back when this gen was next-gen, Fight Night Round 3 shocked and awed everyone with its graphical prowess. It was the first game to truly show what the current batch of consoles were capable of, and anyone with a HDTV lapped it up just to flaunt to their friends (and anyone that happened to be in the vicinity). It was a power horse for the next-generation, showcasing fluid animations, fantastic lightning effects and all the slow motion sweat and blood anyone could ever need. Of course it was hel...

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For fans of the sport only. 0

Fans of more instantly-gratifying fighting games might want to look elsewhere right off the bat, because Fight Night is not this. As a boxing simulation, Fight Night Round 4 is about pacing yourself, picking when to make your offense while maintaining a solid defense. If you go in swinging like a maniac, you’ll only leave yourself open to counter attacks from smarter opponents. The boxer you choose will dictate the kind of strategy you’ll need to employ. A tall fighter with a longer reach will b...

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Fight Night Round 4 Video Review 0

Chris Phillips is back again for Episode 2 of the SuperHappyGameTime Show. This week we're taking a look at Fight Night Round 4 for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Does Fight Night 4 have what it takes to take home the belt? Find out in our review.   ...

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Review: Fight Night Round 4 0

       I'm an unabashed boxing fan. My family raised me on the sport and it was always a family event when our favorite fighters were scheduled to meet in the ring. The PPV would be ordered, friends and relatives were invited, and we all bonded over the sweet science. Boxing was revered in my home, it still is, and I always looked for a pure experience in my boxing games. Because of this, I found most games were either unrealistic or made mistakes in trying to translate the sport to the medium ...

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Boxing never seems to stop giving! 0

Let me ask you a question: Have you ever wanted to punch somebody's face so hard that their face ripples? Of course you have, who hasn't, but now you don't have to pretend your pillow is your ex girlfriend who dumped you for the sexy hispanic gardener, instead you can play Fight Night Round 4. The best part being you can probably make a boxer that looks like your ex and beat on her in the game... not sexually of course, just video-gamically, and yes I just coined that shit, so watch out or I'll ...

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the fight will be alrite on the night 0

firstly i got this game because i love boxing LOVE BOXING! but this game didnt do it 4 me, besides it looks brilliant the boxers look real! its the control buttons arrrrrgghhhh.. doin hayemakers screwin it up, jabing is hardly a thrill its like ur literally flicking the opponent. why cant u just use the standard green yellow red blue buttons it would of been a lot better!! for instance the new ufc game undisputed 2010 WOW!! i am not a ufc fan, boxing all the way, but this game is BRILL! i borrow...

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Review 2

Fight Night Round 4 is a boxing video game developed by EA Sports. It is the sequel to Fight Night Round 3, released in 2006. It was released on June 25, 2009 in North America and on June 26, 2009 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game's featured boxers are Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. It contains 48 licensed boxers as well as several new modes, such as Legacy mode....

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Unexpectedly Fun 0

 The last Fight Night game, for me, was the real beginning of the next generation. And with the studio behind the epic last game no longer in business (gee, thanks Def Jam: Icon!), there was some concern that the fourth game would be less impressive.EA definitely turned it over to competent hands as this game is still an eminently playable boxing game. The single player storyline is fairly lengthy and, well, devoid of story as you are an anonymous boxer who is trying to punch his way from...

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FN3 was more visceral 3

It doesn't have the same feeling when you hit someone. There is basically very little graphical response on character getting hit and the sound is garbage. I feel like i'm just tapping my opponent. I won my first 10 matches without going past round 2. Using the RB for haymaker is LAME, i prefer the windup. This is a tippy tappy boxing game that is mediocre with no feeling of excitement. Unlike FN3 I have NEVER ONCE did an "OOOOHH, OW!". FN3 is just a better game and it's obvious FN4 was done by ...

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G.O.A.T 0

This has to be the absolutely greatest boxing game i have ever played period. First off the phyiscs are really good it feels like your hitting the other boxer. the game has some of the greatest boxers of all time from Ali and Foreman to evertone favorite Iron Mike Tyson. Eventhough I love this game it has it flaws, they took out the button config and just put the analog stick which i have no problem with but most people liked the buttons. This game is a big upgrade form Fight Night Round 3 in ev...

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No Fighting Talk, Just This Review 0

Round 3 was a technical marvel that impressed everyone with its close attention to detail on every fighter and its new control method of fighting. Round 4 has not only revamped the graphical front but also added to the intensity of the fighting mechanics in the game, but keeping the same raw mechanics which define the first one.The single player has its usual Fight Now exhibition matches and the career known as Legacy Mode which is your standard affair for a sports game. You create a character o...

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