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After the intro music and after the outro music wouldn't bother me, but please dont interrupt in the middle of the podcast for ads. That would be the worst. They have to find advertisers that let them swear as well.

#202 Posted by danmcn12 (87 posts) -

Only thing that would bug me if they started spewing BS about their product they support. Diggnation used to do it and it was tough to listen to. Podcast ads are still at the point where they are very unobtrusive.

#203 Posted by EXTomar (5047 posts) -

I'm okay with advertising in a podcast if they do it no more than 4 times an episode.

#204 Posted by Splodge (2309 posts) -

I will do the same thing I do with every other podcast I listen to that has adverts.

Skip them.

Our fancy modern technology allows us to effortlessly track past any part of an audio file we do not wish to listen to.

Its a non-issue really.

#205 Edited by jakob187 (22610 posts) -

If they will do it much like old-timey radio did where they actually cut their own promos and did their own scripts for it, then read it on the air...

...then hell yes, I would love it.

"E-MAILS! brought to you by the fine people at Doritos...whom Brad Shoemaker is leaving Giant Bomb to work for."

#206 Posted by RenegadeDoppelganger (469 posts) -

Every other podcast I listen to has ads and I don't have any less respect for those people.

This bombcast is brought to you by: Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor. It definitely comes in 40's.

#207 Posted by Gamer_152 (14369 posts) -

I'd be strongly against it. The only way I could see it working is if they did it MBMBaM-style and managed to make their advertisements into genuinely funny bits, and even a certain amount of the MBMBam stuff isn't humorous.

#208 Posted by verbalmedal (57 posts) -

they need that money so they can go to japan.

#209 Posted by AgentofChaos (1575 posts) -

This weeks podcast brought to you by _____. Really people? You can't deal with that?!

#210 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2446 posts) -

The GB crew doing advertising on non game related products could prove hilarious so as long as it's not too intrusive I'm okay with it.

#211 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

Fuck advertising in podcasts and fuck anyone who's okay with it. I'll fight all of your respective grandmas.

#212 Posted by Wondeboy (47 posts) -

if not advertising, then what? It is a perfectly reasonable and non-intrusive way of monetizing the bombcast. Im down with it! (although i am getting sick of audible ads)

#213 Edited by Elwoodan (1000 posts) -

EDIT:that was poorly said: was it not just a few weeks ago, during the whole "journalist integrity" thing, that Jeff more or less said, if you don't trust them (the bombers) to do right by us (the viewers) then why are you still around? if they need to advertise on the 'cast I trust that they will do it in the most responsible and unobtrusive way possible.

#214 Posted by Kyreo (4683 posts) -

The only way adverts in the podcast would be good is if they read them like they read the WiiWare and DSiWare adverts. Scathingly detached or way too invested and using weird voices. That would actually be awesome.

#215 Posted by Vanek (410 posts) -

I'm against the idea seeing as I'm currently paying to view an ad free site. I'm a gold member and for a good amount of time I haven't felt the premium content hasn't been worth it, so if they suddenly started putting ads in the Bombcast I would probably take my money elsewhere. I mean at least at the moment I'm getting an ad free Bombcast for my money even when the premium content seems to dry up pretty badly at times. If they want to include an ad free version in the subscription then fine, but force ads on everyone and that might be the deciding factor the next time my subscription is up for renewal.

#216 Posted by C0V3RT (1410 posts) -

As long as it's nothing more than a 60 second bumper or them saying this episode of bombcast is sponsored by _________, it doesn't really bother me. Go back and listen to some old episodes of TalkRadar. They had shows that were sponsored and it was pretty non intrusive.

#217 Posted by oraknabo (1665 posts) -

I wish the whole Bombcast was just 3 hours of commercials.

#218 Posted by Undeadpool (5464 posts) -

I've listened to podcasts that integrate them just fine (and that found advertisers that don't require them to censor themselves), so it's REALLY not that big a deal. AND it'll be AWESOME reading the knee-jerk, reactionary comments!

#219 Posted by LordAndrew (14596 posts) -

The website has ads and optional subscriptions. If they promoted the site and its content more on the 'cast, wouldn't that benefit both sides without having to resort to advertising on the 'cast?

Ads during the 'cast feel dirty and can cause people to question whether they can trust the guys to speak honestly, but a segment talking about new content on the site is more appealing even if it's done to direct listeners to ads.

"Ugh, another ad." vs. "Oh, this article or piece of community content sounds neat. I'll go check it out." Both see the user served with advertising, but the latter results in a happier user.

But hey, I'm no marketing guy. Just a guy.

#220 Posted by Levio (1861 posts) -

This week's podcast brought to you by OPEC! OPEC encourages you to visit your family for the holidays, even if they live thousands of miles away! OPEC: Livin' it up!

#221 Posted by RE_Player1 (7982 posts) -

If it can make the guys money and not be super intrusive I'd be all for it. Play a 30 second ad in the middle of the podcast, I don't care.

#222 Posted by camp7203 (128 posts) -

Instead of advertising:

When Jeff says the words, "along the way" mail them 1 dollar.

#223 Edited by NMC2008 (1248 posts) -

Everytime they mention Rock Band or Dance Central they get $40.00 from Harmonix. So I guess there's that. :P