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I know Patrick is going though some tough stuff right now, and I want him to take as much time as he needs, but I just miss him.

I hope you doing well Patrick. I can't wait to hear you back on the podcast.

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He'll be back on August 20th I think but I agree, its weird that hes not on it

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While his unique perspective is missed, it is kind of nice to go back to the original crew. Feels like the old days, especially when they will spend the majority of the podcast not talking about actual games.

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I don't think it's just that he's going through tough stuff, but isn't he out of state? He's going to a friends wedding, and he's getting married next week. The Bombcast guys rarely skype people in.

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Wait... What happened to Patrick? This might sound bad, but I didn't even realize he was missing from the Bombcast.

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His wedding is coming up, so he's home in Chicago. He has been away from the Giant Bomb offices since his father dued.

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The past couple of weeks have been great just like old times makes me remember how much I use to enjoy it.

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I mean no disrespect to the Kelptok by saying this, but I've kind of enjoyed the change of pace. I wish him the best of luck with his current endeavors out of the office, and I like Patrick, I just always feel like he's yelling at me, and can sometimes overpower the conversation. It will be good to have him back when he's ready though, so we can get more quick looks of bizarre games that no one else would cover.

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It's weird. Patrick shares a very similar mindset to me, I really, really love him on the Bombcast because he manages to say - generally - what I'm thinking. Maybe it's because we're from the same area, maybe it's our obsession with dinosaurs, or the fact that we both love fucking with douche bags in bars. I miss him though.

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Yeah, there's a patrick shaped hole in the podcast, for sure. I've come to really depend on his and Ben Kucheras PA coverage for more thoughtful aggregation of news coverage, and so I've enjoyed the news section of the cast more in the last year than I ever did before.

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I miss Patrick. I miss someone discussing indie games I'll never play.

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@TaliciaDragonsong said:

The first bombcast in ages I'll enjoy listening to then.

Wait, was this a jab at BRVJ or at Patrick?

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I enjoyed more the old crew, is more fluid and organic. Patrick is okay, for being young he has lots of experience in the industry although sometimes he little bit inmature...

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I'm fine without him for a while.... But they should tag in Drew or Dave more

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I enjoyed the bombcast before Patrick and I enjoy it with Patrick, so I'm fine with him being away and I'll welcome him back when that time comes.

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I thought the first few bombcasts with Patrick were a bit too overpowering, loud and noisy. Perhaps even incomprehensible at times, but this was down to just having more bodies in the room to talk. Now he's not there it seems really quiet. I do miss him from video features and the bombcast, and I'm glad he'll be phoning in for at least a little bit this week. (or so he said on twitter)

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having the original 4 will be a nice change, but i still like having patrick around. oddly, i like it when Ryan is gone and Jeff has to host. it's always fun when Jeff is host and they end up talking about the weirdest things, as well as him still trying to figure out how everything works. you know Jeff edited the podcast when there's the original bombcast theme in a 2012 podcast

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I like having him gone. He interrupts and talks over the other guys constantly.

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@TaliciaDragonsong: Fair enough, I came close a few times but on occasion he proves his worth, to me at least.

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@MrKlorox said:

It's been a breath of fresh air, imo. edit: And I've been able to watch every single QL put up on the site without having to check who's in it first, which feels like old times.

Boy, I know that feeling.

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I've never been a hater of Patrick, but the bombcasts are so much better with the synergy of the original four.

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I love Patrick's work on news and Worth Reading and some other stuff, but I honestly prefer the bombcast without him.

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I don't mind Patrick during the bombcasts, and I think he can add some funny insights like during the knife vs bat debate. But the Patrick-free quicklooks I have to admit have been a blessing.

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Yeah, I never thought I'd say this, but I miss Patrick. He brings in alot of excitement that the crew seems to lack nowadays.

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I've been enjoying the classic duders lately. The podcast is great with Patrick and he is an awesome dude, but it's been nice to kind of go back to the original for now. It'll be great when he comes back I'm sure and I hope he and his family are doing well.

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Miss him too. Looking forward to his return after all his stuff is sorted out.

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I feel like GB has been perfect the last two weeks or so. Bombcast has been great, QL's have been perfect and Patrick has put up some decent news and continues to put together an interesting Friday article. Honestly, nothing personal against Patrick, but I do feel his best work is written and not spoken.

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I certainly noticed his absence but I am fine without him for another month.

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I think the last couple bombcasts would've been just as good with Patrick, the summer doldrums are always fun to listen to no matter who's on.

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I hope Patrick doesn't read this particular thread. This would be incredibly disheartening to me...

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Patrick is awesome. It will be a great day when he comes back to the bombcast. hope you are doing OK patrick!

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I can't wait for Brad and Vinny to be out of the office too because ever since those new guys joined Jeff and Ryan I haven't been able to listen to a Bombcast or watch a video!!!

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@RVonE: Arrow Pointing Down 4 Lyfe!!! We are faithfully waiting for the next energy drink taste test!

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@GalacticPunt said:

@RVonE: Arrow Pointing Down 4 Lyfe!!! We are faithfully waiting for the next energy drink taste test!

X-ZACTLY!!! With bullshit spelling because it's so extreme!!!

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@believer258 said:

I hope Patrick doesn't read this particular thread. This would be incredibly disheartening to me...

Yeah would be a shame. But he seems like a guy who doesn't give a shit about such things, and nor should he.

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I miss him too. Having the classic Bomb squad is kinda rad but it's a little weird not hearing him.

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@believer258 said:

I hope Patrick doesn't read this particular thread. This would be incredibly disheartening to me...

Yeah. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, but I was hoping the heartfelt original post would simply have similar sentiments instead of backhanded compliments.

"Don't get me wrong, I like Patrick, but the podcast has been really great these past few weeks so maybe he should fuck off more often."

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I don't really miss him too much. I find the conversations are way funnier and more ridiculous without him there, and I think the whole thing is just more entertaining. He just isn't as funny as the others, and that's really my only criticism of the guy. I honestly really like what he does with news, and I love that he is way into finding indie stuff, but I really think the original four guys are the best when together. I actually think he is still filling his role just as well, if not better, while being absent from the office. When he comes back I would like to see him in the occasional QL and live stream, but there was a bit of a Patrick overload there for a while.

In fact, I'm not even trying to blame it on him, it just seemed like he was willing to pick up slack and the guys kinda got used to shoveling stuff to him that they didn't want. I think him leaving for a little has kind of made the rest of the crew have to step up and do the things they would usually shovel off to Patrick. I guess what I'm trying to say is it's been a nice change of pace without Patrick here, but I mean that in the nicest way possible towards the guy.

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I'm glad. I think he worsens the content he's in and I've enjoyed the podcast and quicklooks very much these last couple weeks.

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@believer258 said:

I hope Patrick doesn't read this particular thread. This would be incredibly disheartening to me...

Was thinking exactly the same thing. :(

If you are reading this, Patrick, you should go to Ireland. They enjoy your name there.

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@Tearhead said:

Wait... What happened to Patrick? This might sound bad, but I didn't even realize he was missing from the Bombcast.

His dad died of a heart attack a few weeks ago.

Patrick has been staying in Chicago since then I believe. He said on twitter he's going to stay there until after his wedding.

I just feel so bad for the guy, it's hard enough to lose your dad, it's even worse to lose him right before your wedding.

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I really miss Tricky...

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Less cooks in the kitchen has been a fantastic change of pace. I like Patrick fine and I enjoy the bombcast plenty enough with him on it, but I'll admit, I get annoyed when both him and Ryan are going at the same time. They're both just so...loud...

Still <3 Patrick though

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@Godlyawesomeguy: They did that with Patrick there.

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i miss Patrick too, was really looking forward to him talking about more Eternal Darkness on the Bombcast, wish him all the best with his wedding and stuff though, and everyone worrying his feelings being hurt, i wouldn't worry too much, i imagine you need pretty tough skin to do what it is these guys do, and its probably just a case of vocal minority anyways

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Nice to see this thread has devolved into usual "lol Patrick sucks" nonsense. You guys are the worst.

#48 Posted by DeeGee (2177 posts) -

@Milkman: Except nobody has said that. The majority of people have legitimate, sensible reasons for what they've said about him. People have different tastes, and some people aren't fans of him.

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@DeeGee: I don't know about you but people saying that they're glad he's gone when he's off grieving his father seems like a dickish thing to do. I realize that the internet has effectively made all manners and tact completely obsolete when you can pretty just say whatever dickhead remark pops in your head but this seems a bit in poor taste, even by internet standards.

#50 Posted by Ares42 (3090 posts) -

@Milkman: You're assuming all these people knew he was grieving his father...

Anyways, on-topic, I noticed it last week. Knew he was gone for personal reasons, but thought he'd be back sooner. Dunno if miss is the right word though, but it's quite noticeable.